The Control and Disciplinary Committee of the Russian Football Union held a meeting on the incident that occurred after the match between Rostov and Spartak in the second round of the Russian championship, when several fans of the visiting team suffered as a result of riot police actions.

“Rostov”, as a host, was supposed to provide spectators with safety at the stadium and monitor the observance of order in their territory. FTC came to the conclusion that the club failed in its duties, and fined him 650 thousand rubles. A decision was also made on the conditional disqualification of Rostov-Arena - in the event of a repeated violation, the club from the banks of the Don will hold two matches in a neutral field.

“In this case, the club was supposed to ensure safety, but unfortunately, after studying the materials and having heard the representatives, we came to the conclusion that Rostov made mistakes. In this case, the meeting lasted two hours. We watched a lot of materials, including video. It was about the fact that when organizing the exit of Spartak fans, a limited exit of people was formed, which led to the threat of crush and collision with controllers-managers. The competence of the FTC is to consider violations that are committed by the subjects of football. We considered the aspect of security at the match and the behavior of Spartak fans, ”said FTC chairman Arthur Grigoryants.

However, the guests also did not remain without punishment. For inappropriate behavior of Spartak fans, the FTC was fined 150 thousand rubles.

Clashes with the police took place on July 20 after the match of the 2nd round of the championship of Russia, in which “Rostov” hosted “Spartak” and tied with the score 2: 2. The reason for them was the actions of individual fans of the Moscow club, who lit the pyrotechnics on the guest podium "Rostov-Arena". In order to identify and punish violators, most of the fans after the match were blocked in the room under the tribune for a while. According to the RPL, after the police were resisted, riot police were released into the stadium

“After the match, in accordance with the Security Plan, the police conducted an operation to identify the most active violators. Fans who use pyrotechnics are detained. An attempt was made to repel them. A scuffle ensued. By decision of the coordination headquarters, OMON was promptly introduced, the incident was localized. Violators were taken to police stations, ”the league’s press service reported.

The events at the stadium were on the cameras of mobile phones and later went over the network. The day before the meeting of the FTC, a new video appeared on the Internet, taken from CCTV cameras. It shows how riot militiamen burst into the crowd of Spartak fans, after which they use force against individual fans.

In "Spartacus" were outraged by the actions of the host against their fans. The club noted that it was possible to identify the violators without causing inconvenience to conscientious viewers who came to support their team.

“The club is outraged by the actions of stadium employees, stewards and law enforcement officials, which resulted in the massive use of brute force on the part of riot police in respect of often innocent citizens, among whom were women. We understand that local law enforcement agencies intended to detain violators. However, we are also confident that both the regional department and the stadium possess sufficient technical means and experience to conduct the spot detention of the suspect, without blocking 2,000 people in a close and stuffy sub-premise room for more than half an hour, ”said Spartak after the match. .

The club stated that the use of force against the fans provoked a chain reaction, and condemned the use of force by the riot police. Subsequently, Spartak sent an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office, signed by the general director of the team, Thomas Zorn. The management asked for an inspection upon the actions of the Russian Guard.

In the "Rostov" refused to comment on the actions of the police, but noted that the work of the stewards and controllers, organized by the club, could not cause complaints from the victims.

“Football club“ Rostov ”cannot comment on the actions of law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies. As far as we know, the RAF and the RPL are now investigating the circumstances of the incident, we are following the situation. As part of the club’s competence, ensuring the safety of the match took place in a standard manner within the framework of the relevant regulatory acts of Russia. Stewards of the stadium "Rostov Arena" behaved correctly and benevolently. The match was overshadowed by the behavior of individual fans of the guest sector, who grossly violated the rules of conduct, in particular, lit pyrotechnics and entered into conflicts with controllers-managers, ”the club said then.

After the match, the governor of the Rostov region, Vasily Golubev, called for attention to be paid to violations by Spartak fans and called the police actions against them adequate.

“The police did their usual work. Why no one remembers that one of the fans of "Spartacus" hit one of the security staff in the face? This is normal? And when measures were applied to him, as far as I know, they were treated tactfully, all within the limits of permissible. In the morning of the next day, all the violators were released, I checked, ”RIA Novosti quoted Golubev.

The first meeting of the FTC on the match "Rostov" and "Spartak" was held on July 24, but all issues were discussed, except for the incident involving the police and fans, which it was decided to consider separately a week later. At that committee meeting, the Moscow club was fined a total of 50,000 rubles for the use of pyrotechnic devices by fans and chanting profanity from the stands. For the mat performed by the audience, “Rostov” was also punished with a fine of 10 thousand rubles.