Jürgen Klopp has taken on the anger of Josep Guardiola. The Liverpool coach made a few statements about the possibilities of Manchester City on the transfer market and they got down the wrong way with the Spaniard.

"Of course I am bothered by his lyrics, because they don't match. I don't like this," grumbled Guardiola on Friday at his press conference in the run-up to the battle for the Community Shield next Sunday between Manchester City and Liverpool.

With this, the City trainer responded to statements that Klopp had made earlier in the day. The German referred to the possibilities of, among others, the English champion on the transfer market, after it was mentioned that Liverpool had not made any major purchases this summer.

"We have already invested a lot of money in this team, but it seems that it is not because we did not spend any money this summer," Klopp said. "But we are not here in 'Phantasialand', where you can get everything you want. That is not always possible with us."

Sepp van den Berg is one of Liverpool's two acquisitions this summer. (Photo: Pro Shots)

"If they need a player, they get it"

Last year Liverpool spent more than 200 million euros for Allison Becker, Naby Keïta, Fabinho and Xherdan Shaqiri. This summer, only the talents Sepp van den Berg (PEC Zwolle) and Harvey Elliott (Fulham) made the switch to 'The Reds' and that is where it stays.

"Liverpool spent more than 200 million pounds (nearly 219 million euros) last year and can't do it again this year," Klopp said. "It seems like four clubs can. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain. If they need a player, they get it. That can't be compared to us."

With these statements he touched a sensitive chord with Guardiola, who could not agree with City being labeled as a 'buying club'. 'The Citizens' took over Rodri this summer for 70 million euros from Atlético Madrid and got Angeliño back for 12 million euros from PSV.

Rodri is the only major purchase so far at Manchester City. (Photo: Pro Shots)

"The situation at Liverpool is the same as with us"

"It is not at all true that we get new players for £ 200 million every year," Guardiola murmured. "Last year we only got one player for £ 17 million. Two seasons ago we invested a lot, but that was because I took over a team that had ten or eleven players who were thirty or older."

"The situation at Liverpool is the same as with us," the former international continued. "We only got one new player with Rodri and made use of the buy-back clause that was in the Angeliño contract. That's the reality. Other managers can say what they want, but I just want to say it's not right."

Liverpool and City competed last season in a blood-curdling battle for the English league title, which was ultimately decided by the Guardiola team with a difference of only one point. On Sunday, the two teams will start the battle for the Community Shield, the English supercup, at 4 pm on Wembley.

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