Dialogue with Tuktamysheva fans

In between training sessions, many skaters periodically arrange a virtual dialogue on their social networks with their fans. More often than others the world champion of 2015 Elizaveta Tuktamysheva has resorted to this method of communication. This time, she asked subscribers to ask their questions on Instagram.

By tradition, the Russian woman came up with answers with humor. So, she admitted that she could endlessly look at fire, water, and the way the bronze medalist of the team championship of the planet of 2019 falls while performing an axel, and her young man Andrei Lazukin in combination.

Most of the questions related to the preferences of the athlete. As a favorite singer, she named the Russian musician Psoya Korolenko, her favorite series - “Very strange things”, and also noted that she would like to visit Brazil.

In an improvised interview, the professional sphere of Tuktamysheva was also touched.

“How do I manage to jump so high? Just eat porridge in the morning. I completed the triple axel before Andrei Lazukin. My best is the post-Olympic season, ”the figure skater said.

In addition, Tuktamysheva told about her mother, who works as a math teacher at school. According to her, she constantly worries about her daughter's speeches, and this is expressed in a rather unusual way.

“When she sets marks for work, she periodically gets marks of +4 or +5 instead of 4+ and 5+. Mom believes in the materialization of thoughts and hopes that such points will appear in my protocols for jumping, ”the Russian woman wrote.

A few days earlier, Tuktamysheva said that the 2019/20 season for her would begin with the Lombardia Trophy tournament, which will be held in Bergamo from September 13 to 15. In addition, she expressed the hope that she would return to Italy for the Grand Prix finals, the venue for which will be Turin.

Wedding carols and flash mob Zagitovoy

In the life of the Olympic medalist in Pyeongchan, Mikhail Kolyada, a joyful event occurred. He married a Russian-Hungarian figure skater Darya Beklemischevoy, performing in pair skating with Mark Madyar. Interestingly, until recently, his darling was not known, although both skaters for some time were engaged under the guidance of coach Valentina Chebotaryova.

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Eteri Tutberidze's group recently completed regular training camps in Novogorsk near Moscow, which the mentor herself told us about. Free from training time, its leader Alina Zagitova decided to devote good deeds. She published on her Instagram page a photo with a kitten, which she is ready to give in good hands.

The figure skater has repeatedly admitted that she is a big lover of animals. Her dog Masaru participates in joint photo shoots, trainings and even ice shows. Both Zagitova and her pet are not lagging behind modern trends and have recently jointly supported the capturing social networks Bottle Cap Challenge. First, the Akita Inu with the help of the hostess knocked the lid off with her paw, and then the Olympic champion Pyonchhana herself opened the bottle with a skate blow, performing this trick on the ice.

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Many fans are eagerly awaiting the resumption of the competition, in order to once again observe the confrontation between the two leaders of Russian women's skating - Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva. Olympic champion Salt Lake City Alexei Yagudin compared the rivalry of their fans with the situation in 2002, when all the attention of figure skating fans was riveted on him and Yevgeny Plushenko.

“Alina and Eugenia have almost the same story as Zhenya and I. Only then were the media different. Now, in the age of the Internet and gadgets, information is distributed many times faster. And the rest - all the same. Who said what, who looked where, if Aleksey Nikolayevich Mishin congratulated us on the victory, what we answered and so on. Yes, you support calmly and of both! Plushenko and Yagudin, Medvedev and Zagitov. These are all our victories! ”- quotes the words of ex-athlete“ Soviet Sport ”.

Popular motifs Stepanova and Bukin and calculation for gold World Cup

In the meantime, Alexander Stepanov’s dancing couple, Ivan Bukin, decided on music for his free program. In the new season, athletes will take to the ice to the composition of American pop singer Justin Timberlake Cry me a river. The performance is done by choreographers Alexander Svinin and Irina Zhuk. The musical accompaniment of their short program will be the soundtrack from the movie "Moulin Rouge".

The European champion of this year, Sofia Samodurova, shared her plans. She will present a short program for the Bamboléo hit by the French band The Gipsy Kings, and a random one for El Tango de Roxanne also from the film "Moulin Rouge".

Meanwhile, the Moscow Sports Department has published a list of athletes representing the capital in the international arena in the 2019/20 season, as well as their intended results. As for the World Cup, which will be held in Montreal in Canada, according to the Ministry, Zagitova should become its winner, and Alexander Trusov and Anna Shcherbakov should take top places. For Medvedeva, a place in the top three in the Russian championship will be considered a positive result.