Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will face each other in the Wimbledon final from 3 p.m. Follow the cracker in this live blog.

Good afternoon! My name is Lennart Klem and in this live blog we will keep you informed about the men's final at Wimbledon!

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  • Fourth set
  • Djokovic Federer 2-2
  • Score: 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6

Wimbledon · a few seconds ago

15-15. A double foul by Djokovic, but a fault by Federer ensure the provisional tie.

Wimbledon · a few seconds ago

This final in one photo? Just about:

It's been that kind of final ... #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places18: 16 - 14 July 2019

Wimbledon · one minute ago

Game Federer! A good second save from the Swiss and a miss from Djokovic resulted in 1-1 in this fifth set.

Wimbledon · 2 minutes ago

40-15 after a new ace from Federer and a nice return from Djokovic.

Wimbledon · 3 minutes ago

30-0 Federer after an ace that just hits the line.

Wimbledon · 4 minutes ago

Game Djokovic! The first game of the fifth set goes to the Serbian, who retains his mark without any problems: 1-0.

Wimbledon · 5 minutes ago

Poor dropshot from Federer and Djokovic is 40-15 in the first game of the fifth set.

Wimbledon · 6 minutes ago

It is certainly a fight at the Center Court in London.

Not without a fight. #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places18: 11 - 14 July 2019

Wimbledon · 7 minutes ago

Set five starts! Djokovic is going to serve ...

Wimbledon · 8 minutes ago

Federer takes his time and goes inside. The Swiss often does that just before the start of a fifth set.

Wimbledon · 9 minutes ago

Federer therefore manages to force a decisive set. Who will take the last set and therefore also the title?

Wimbledon · 12 minutes ago

Federer set! (2-2)

There comes a fifth and decisive set, the Swiss wins the fourth company with 4-6.

Wimbledon · 12 minutes ago

Three set points Federer! A miss from Djokovic and so the fifth set is near.

Wimbledon · 13 minutes ago

30-0 Federer. The Swiss needs two more points to win the set.

Wimbledon · 14 minutes ago

Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud is also an attentive spectator in London. Will there be a fifth set? Federer serves ...

Wimbledon · 15 minutes ago

Game Djokovic! The title holder comes back to 4-5. Federer now has another chance to drag the set in on its own service.

Wimbledon · 16 minutes ago

40-0 Djokovic. So it seems to be 4-5 for Federer.

Wimbledon · 17 minutes ago

Break Djokovic! The Serbian gives something back and takes away from the Swiss for the first time in this game. Federer still leads 3-5.

Wimbledon · 18 minutes ago

Break chance Djokovic! Federer goes wrong and there is therefore a new chance for the Serbian.

Wimbledon · 19 minutes ago

Federer grabs the point! After a very long rally, the Swiss takes care of 40-40.

Wimbledon · 20 minutes ago

Break chance Djokovic! The Serbian does not give this set yet, with a beautiful backhand he gets his first break chance of this game.

Wimbledon · 21 minutes ago

30-15 Federer. The Swiss needs two more points to force a fifth set.

Wimbledon · 23 minutes ago

With this miss by Djokovic, it became 2-3 for Federer recently. The Swiss now leads 2-5 and a fifth set is close.

A match of the finest margins 😲 #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places17: 53 - July 14, 2019

Wimbledon · 24 minutes ago

Break Federer! A new mistake by Djokovic and the Swiss is 2-5 in the fourth set. He will now serve for the fourth set.

Wimbledon · 25 minutes ago

Federer Break Opportunity! The Swiss tackles the Djokovic stores and is rewarded: 30-40.

Wimbledon · 25 minutes ago

30-30 on the service of Djokovic. The set suddenly goes quickly in the direction of Federer, especially when a new break comes.

Wimbledon · 28 minutes ago

Game Federer! A love game for the number three in the world and so it becomes 2-4 in the fourth set.

Wimbledon · 28 minutes ago

Federer pushes on and comes to 30-0 in this sixth game of the fourth set.

Wimbledon · 30 minutes ago

Break Federer! There is the break for the Swiss after a new miss by Djokovic. Federer leads 2-3.

Wimbledon · 31 minutes ago

Djokovic is missing! 15-40 and two break opportunities for Federer.

Wimbledon · 32 minutes ago

Oops. Sloppiness (double error) by Djokovic and 15-30 for Federer.

Wimbledon · 34 minutes ago

The battle continues ... Will we get a fifth set or will Djokovic finish it in four sets?

Wimbledon · 34 minutes ago

Game Federer! He still holds his ground and comes back next to Djokovic, but it goes a lot worse with the Swiss: 2-2 in the fourth set.

Wimbledon · 35 minutes ago

Djokovic gives a tap with a backhand straight on. It is now 40-40 on Federer's service.

Wimbledon · 39 minutes ago

Game Djokovic! The title holder now has the better of the game and simply retains his service game: 2-1.

Wimbledon · 41 minutes ago

Game Federer! The Swiss certainly does not give up yet and comes alongside in this fourth set. Is there another comeback for Federer or does Djokovic take the title?

Wimbledon · 41 minutes ago

Federer fights back: 40-30.

Wimbledon · 42 minutes ago

Federer has to be careful, because Djokovic is 15-30.

Wimbledon · 44 minutes ago

Djokovic now starts the set better after winning a tiebreak. The Serbian comes 1-0 in the fourth set. Federer is going to serve ...

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Set four en route! Djokovic starts serving in this set.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Federer is off the track for a moment. We will start with the fourth set.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

He needs one more set for his fifth Wimbledon title.

One set away. @DjokerNole takes the third set 7-6 (4) to move within touching distance of a fifth singles title at #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places17: 27 - July 14, 2019

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Djokovic set! (2-1)

The Serbian is again the strongest in the tiebreak and comes in sets to a 2-1 lead in this final. He is 7-4 too strong for Federer.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Miss van Federer, who still places a challenge, but the ball is out. 6-4 Djokovic and two set points for the Serbian.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

And an ace. It is 5-4 for Djokovic, who can now serve twice and can bring in the set.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Good service from Federer: 3-5. The Swiss now serves one more time ...

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Federer does not give up yet, takes a point on Djokovic's service and makes it 2-5.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Djokovic rumbles on and takes a 5-1 lead. The Serbian needs two more points in this tiebreak.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

The first point succeeds, but then Federer hits the ball in the net. Djokovic is 4-1 and is on the hunt for set profit in this third set.

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