In the semi-finals of the men's tournament of Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic and Roberto Bautista Agut will face each other from 14:00 on Friday, followed by the squatter between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Follow everything in this live blog.

Good afternoon! My name is Youri Kocken and in this live blog we will keep you up to date with the men's semi-finals at Wimbledon!

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Wimbledon · one minute ago

Djokovic is fast on the way to winning. After an unnecessary error by Bautista Agut, he breaks for the second time in this set and takes a 4-1 lead.

Wimbledon · 5 minutes ago

It is now going smoothly for Djokovic. The Serbian, who makes a lot less unnecessary mistakes than in the previous two sets, attracts the fourth game on love .

Wimbledon · 8 minutes ago

Break Djokovic! The global number one benefits from an unnecessary mistake by Bautista Agut and occurs with 2-1.

Wimbledon · 13 minutes ago

Djokovic also retains its first service game. He brings the score in the fourth set to 1-1.

Wimbledon · 17 minutes ago

The world's number 22 also eliminates the third breakpoint and with great difficulty wins the first game of the fourth set.

Wimbledon · 20 minutes ago

Bautista Agut also survives a second breakpoint, but now gets a breakpoint for the third time.

Wimbledon · 23 minutes ago

Djokovic immediately brings Bautista Agut into trouble in the fourth set. The title holder gets a breakpoint in the opening game, but the Spaniard removes it decisively.

Wimbledon · 28 minutes ago

Djokovic is now one set away from his 25th Grand Slam final in his career.

Back in front ... Defending champion @DjokerNole is just one set away from a 25th Grand Slam final after winning the third 6-3 #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places16: 17 - 12 July 2019

Wimbledon · 31 minutes ago

Djokovic set! (2-1)

There the set for Djokovic is 6-3. Although he hits his second double error of the game, he takes the tenth game with a ball through the netband.

Wimbledon · 33 minutes ago

Bautista Agut picks up his service game on love . Djokovic can now serve for a 2-1 lead in sets.

Wimbledon · 37 minutes ago

The Serbian remains upright in the seventh game and is thus 5-2 ahead. Bautista Agut now has the task to stay in the set.

Wimbledon · 38 minutes ago

The public is on the benches! Djokovic is working against one of the breakpoints after a beautiful rally of no less than 45 strokes, the longest of the match.

Wimbledon · 41 minutes ago

Djokovic has a head start in the third set, but he is quite annoyed by all kinds of unnecessary mistakes. As a result, Bautista Agut now has two break points.

Wimbledon · 44 minutes ago

Break Djokovic! The defending champion uses his first breakpoint in the third set by pulling the longest end in a long change of blow. He takes a 4-2 lead.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

For the time being, it will be the same in the third company. Bautista Agut makes it difficult for Djokovic in the fifth game, but thanks to two good services the number one in the world is 3-2 ahead.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Look who we have there! David Beckham is also present and he sees Djokovic taking a 2-1 lead.

Captivating. #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places15: 43 - July 12, 2019

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Djokovic makes it difficult for Bautista Agut in the second game, but the Spaniard brings the score to 1-1 after some nice points, including a magnificent rally of no less than 34 strokes.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

A lot of familiar faces in the stands. Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has also been reported.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Djokovic is not disturbed by the set loss and takes his first service game in the third set after a 15-30 deficit.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Bautista Agut gives Djokovic the second set loss during this tournament. The Serbian previously only lost a set against the Pool Hubert Hurkacz.

A first set won in a Grand Slam semi-final for @BautistaAgut, the Spaniard takes the second 6-4 against Novak DjokovicIt's evenly poised… #Wimbledon

Avatar Author Wimbledon Moment of Places 15: 34 - July 12, 2019

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Bautista Agut set! (1-1)

And he takes it! Bautista Agut pulls the set 6-4 through the netband and balances the score. Djokovic responds irritably.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

The tenth game produces quite a few spectacular rallies. Bautista Agut now gets its first set point.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

Djokovic traps 3-5, but stays in the set without any problems. Bautista Agut now has the opportunity to serve the second set.

Wimbledon · one hour ago

It is a bit difficult, but Djokovic retains his service and reduces his deficit to 3-4.

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

Djokovic does not get it as a gift. Bautista Agut keeps his service on love and comes 4-2 in the second set.

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

Missed opportunity for Bautista Agut! The Spaniard gets two break chances on the service of Djokovic, but the Serbian eliminates that and still gets the game. He narrowed his deficit to 3-2.

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

The umpire receives the signal that the game can be resumed. Djokovic serves 3-1 behind in the second set.

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

The party is paused. A spectator becomes unwell and is cared for.

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

A packed Center Court sees how Bautista Agut is doing more in the second set. The Spaniard has surprisingly a break ahead and now leads 3-1.

A Center Court capacity crowd on men's semi-finals day ... #Wimbledon

Avatar AuthorWimbledonMoment of places14: 44 - July 12, 2019

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

What will be the final at Wimbledon on Sunday?

  • Djokovic-Federer
  • Djokovic Nadal
  • Bautista Agut-Federer
  • Bautista Agut-Nadal

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

Djokovic set! 1-0 (6-2)

Novak Djokovic simply conquers the first set in his semi-final match against Roberto Bautista Agut at Wimbledon: 1-0. Can the Spaniard still make it the number one in the world?

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

Without losing points, Djokovic wins the seventh game and takes a 5-2 lead.

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

Bautista Agut has difficulty returning to 4-2 after a long game. He keeps himself in the set.

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

Djokovic answers with a convincing game and runs out to 4-1.

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

A success for Bautista Agut, who keeps his own game and puts himself on the scoreboard for the first time: 3-1. He is still at a break behind.

Wimbledon · 2 hours ago

No problem in the air for Novak Djokovic, who is in a 3-0 lead after three games. Bautista Agut makes a tense impression.

2 hours ago

The semi-finals are attended by numerous stars, also from outside the sports world. Actor Hugh Grant has been spotted in the gallery.

Wimbledon · 3 hours ago

Djokovic immediately places a break in the first service of Bautista Agut. The Serbian takes a 2-0 lead.

Wimbledon · 3 hours ago

Djokovic uses his first game point on own service at 40-15 and leads 1-0.

Wimbledon · 3 hours ago

Bautista Agut hunts for his first ever Grand Slam final. The best result of the 31-year-old Spaniard at a Grand Slam tournament is reaching the quarter-finals early this year at the Australian Open. Djokovic, one year older, has already been in the Wimbledon final five times and has won the title four times.

Wimbledon · 3 hours ago

Game on! Djokovic starts serving against Bautista Agut. The semi-final is on its way.

Wimbledon · 3 hours ago

Both men enter the track in applause in London. In a few minutes we will start the first semifinal.

Wimbledon · 3 hours ago

Djokovic has, despite the last two defeats, a positive balance against Bautista Agut. The Serbian won seven of the last ten mutual meetings.

Wimbledon · 3 hours ago

Djokovic reached the final four by beating Kohlschreiber, Kudla, Hurkacz, Humbert and Goffin. Bautista Agut dealt with Gojowczyk, Darcis, Khachanov, Paire and Pella. Both players only lost one set.

Wimbledon · 3 hours ago

Djokovic and Bautista Agut met each other twice this year (Miami and Doha) and both times the Spaniard won 2-1 in sets. At Wimbledon they didn't play each other yet.

Wimbledon · 3 hours ago

We are also preparing for the semi-finals at Wimbledon. Just after 2 p.m. it is first Novak Djokovic-Roberto Bautista Agut and then the squatter between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Wimbledon · 7 hours ago

Williams no longer feels the pressure to equal Grand Slam record Court
Serena Williams needs one more win to match the record number of Grand Slam titles from Margaret Court, but the brand-new Wimbledon finalist wants to keep himself busy as little as possible. The 37-year-old American does not mind if she never manages to level himself with the Australian tennis legend. "I just happened to think about it on Thursday morning, and since then not at all anymore," said the 23-time Grand Slam winner. "It's not about 24, 23, 25 or any number. It's about me giving the best of myself every time."

Wimbledon · 8 hours ago

After eleven years, Federer goes for revenge against Nadal at Wimbledon
Roger Federer hopes to settle with Rafael Nadal on Friday and to reach the Wimbledon final for the twelfth time. The tennis legends last met 11 years ago on the 'holy grass' in London. In 2008 Federer was on his favorite ground in the final opposite Nadal and then it was the Spaniard who pulled the longest in a thriller: 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-7 (8) and 9-7. Federer has good memories of the earlier two encounters with Nadal on grass - both at Wimbledon. The twenty-time Grand Slam winner was too strong in both finals.

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