Excellence Khalep and mistakes Svitolina

The current Wimbledon attracted the attention of a huge number of Ukrainian fans, because the country's main tennis player Eline Svitolina managed to reach the semifinal of the Grand Slam for the first time in her career. As you know, the appetite comes with eating, and after winning the quarterfinal over Karolina Mukhova at home from the native of Odessa, they waited as much as winning the trophy.

However, in the semifinal Svitolina had to fight with the former first racket of the world Simone Halep, who scored a good move in England and gave the rivals only one set.

Despite this, Elina tried to radiate optimism and promised to show her best tennis. But to recall the match with the Romanian two years ago in the quarterfinal Roland Garros, when Halep won the decisive game with a derogatory score - 6-1, the Ukrainian did not want to.

Unfortunately for Ukrainian tennis fans, this meeting showed that at the moment Svitolina is not ready to compete with Simone on equal terms. Khalep throughout the match had a tangible advantage and at crucial moments turned out to be stronger.

An eloquent fact: in the first set, Elina did not win a single game in her serve. However, this did not mean that Khalep was easy. Three games in total dragged out for almost half an hour, but they all remained behind the Romanian, which eventually gained the upper hand - 6: 1.

Simone looked no less powerful in the second game. For the entire set she lost only one point on her serve. Khalep looked faster and more powerful than Svitolina and, in general, did not leave her any chance, although Elina tried very hard.

Thus, the Romanian for the first time in his career made it to the Wimbledon final. Svitolina can only be praised for more than a decent performance.

Step to record for Serena

There was no fight in the second semifinal match, in which Serena Williams confidently knocked Barbor Strytsova out of the fight. Czech before the game, she brave and noted that she was not afraid of a rival, but the difference in class was too great. Still, for the 54th racket of the planet, the mere fact of reaching the semifinals was a great achievement.

Strytsova imposed a struggle on the eminent opponent only at the beginning of the sets, but every time Serena at the right moment included increased speed and easily brought the matter to victory. In the first and second installments, Williams Jr. took five games in a row. As a result, a confident victory - 6: 1, 6: 2. The fight lasted only 59 minutes.

The legendary American woman who returned to the sport after giving birth to a child at 37 is close to winning the 24th Grand Slam Tournament in her career and, finally, to catch up on this indicator with the record holder Steffi Graf.

However, with Khalep, Serena will obviously have more difficulty than with Strytsova. Romanian is in stunning shape and seems ready to impose the struggle of the former first racket of the planet and break the unfortunate tendency in matches with the American. Of the 11 confrontations tennis players 9 left for Williams. In this case, in one case, the 37-year-old athlete simply failed to reach the court due to injury. However, Romanian is determined.

“I played a lot of matches with Serena. Many of them were very equal. I realized a long time ago that I would always have a chance. Now, meeting with her, I know that I can beat Williams. I feel that I’m better prepared to fight with her mentally than before. This is a big challenge for me. The Wimbledon Final is a special moment. I will enjoy it. Honestly, I'm in a good position. There is no pressure on me, I feel only positive emotions. I hope that I will be able to play very well on Saturday, ”quotes the Championship.

In turn, Serena called the future rival in the final "a small power plant."

“Khalep twice finished the year on the first line of the world ranking. I see that she has returned and wants to climb to the top again. I also feel that I play better when I am calm. But for this, I have to make an effort to be in this correct state, ”the American stressed.

Kudermetova Junior Defeat

Also on Thursday, the last Russian tennis player Polina Kudermetova completed her performance at the tournament. In the quarterfinals of the tournament among girls, the 16-year-old athlete lost to the representative of Ukraine, Darya Snigur.

In the first set, the Russian woman managed to take only two games from her rival, and in the second set she tied the fight, but still lost - 4: 6.

At the same time, Kudermetova, Jr. made 36 unforced errors against a total of 18 against her opponent.

Snigur played in the semifinals from the first seeded tournament by Emma Navarro (USA).