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Repetition of the legendary finals, six lost games of Djokovic and the success of Bautista-Agut: the results of the tenth day of Wimbledon


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Quick win djokovic

This year, the quarter-finals in the men's Wimbledon grid turned out to be extremely old. The youngest of eight tennis players was 28-year-old Belgian David Goffin. The average age of tennis players was 31.6 years, and this is the highest figure since 1922, when professional tennis did not yet exist.

And the semifinals will surely beat another age record, since it was Goffin who could not go further. The Belgian suffered a catastrophic defeat by Novak Djokovic, winning only six games in three sets. This is one less game than Bernard Tomic managed to put himself in an asset in the first round match against Jo-Wilfried Tsong. The Australian was subsequently fined for lack of, in the opinion of the organizers, a desire to win.

However, the Goffin penalty is no longer waiting - this rule applies only to starting matches. The Belgian initially fought with the current winner of Wimbledon on equal terms and even made a break with the score 3: 3 in the first set. The 23rd racket of the world then managed to lead 30: 0 on his serve, but from the next draw and up to the end of the match Djokovic was already the soloist. He quickly made a reverse break and won the first set, and in the next 14 games he lost only two. On the first serve, the Serb won 88% of points - there was simply no chance for Goffen to take the initiative.

Will you be able to stop the defending champion?
@DjokerNole's 70th win at #Wimbledon sees the Serbian reach his ninth semi-final at David Goffin

- Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) July 10, 2019

Djokovic won the 70th victory at Wimbledon and advanced to the semifinals for the eighth time in ten years. In the last five Grand Slam tournaments, the Serbian tennis player suffered only one defeat, which Dominic Tim inflicted on him on Roland Garros.

The first semi-Bautista-Aguta

In the other quarter final match of the upper part of the net, Argentinean Guido Pelle and Spaniard Roberto Bautista-Agut met. Before the start of the tournament, both opponents were not in the top twenty of the ATP rating. The last time at this stage of Wimbledon, this happened in 2013, when the rackets crossed Jiri Yanovich and Lukas Kubot.

However, Bautista-Agut has already secured a hit in the second dozen of the rating due to the fact that a year ago he did not participate in Wimbledon and now scored the necessary number of points. Pella could follow him and even overtake the Spaniard in the event of reaching the semifinals - for him the performance at the Grand Slam tournament also became a breakthrough. However, Pella left too much strength on the grass courts. The total time of all his matches exceeded that of Bautista-Agut by as much as six hours.

The Spaniard immediately took advantage of the fatigue of an opponent who beat on the way to the quarterfinals of two Wimbledon finalists of the past. Bautista-Agut won the first two sets with a score of 7-5, 6-4. Pella tried to save the match and won the next game, winning the setbol on the third attempt. However, the Spaniard returned to a proven tactic and pounded his opponent around the court, which allowed him to win twice the number of games in the fourth set.

Welcome to the last four ... 7 7, 6-4, 3-6, 6-3 victory against Guido Pella # / aNP9oPOL57

- Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) July 10, 2019

Bautista-Agut will finish Wimbledon at least at the 13th highest position in the world rankings, as well as in the first seven of the ATP championship race. At the same time, the Spaniard may not stop at the first career exit in the semifinal of the Grand Slam tournament. His next opponent Djokovic, he won in the last two personal meetings that took place this year.

Federer's big anniversary

From the other two matches of the quarter finals, the fans were waiting for them to present the semi-final of the dream - the meeting of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Although their confrontation is estimated in dozens of games, but at Wimbledon they last met in 2008, when they had an unforgettable final match. So that they still managed to play at least before the title match, they had to take one more step towards each other.

Federer met with Kei Nishikori in his quarterfinals. The Japanese, with all his talent and skill, rarely climbed so high, as he usually spends too much energy on the preliminary matches, but this time he went through four previous rounds surprisingly easily. However, the Swiss did not spend much effort by the middle of the second week, spending the least playing time among all the quarter-finals.

The match began somewhat unexpectedly: Nishikori twice took the opponent's pitch and led 3: 0 through the games. The Japanese tennis player brought the case to victory in the set, but more than that Federer did not allow him that. He started the second game with four consecutive points at the reception, and later made only one unforced error.

In the next set, Nisikori guarded his serve for some time, but in the seventh game he gave up again, and that was enough for Federer to lead the parties. In the same scenario was the last set, only in it Nishikori showed equal fight to the score 4: 4.

100 #Wimbledon wins.

The moment @rogerfederer became a centurion at the Championships ...

- Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) July 10, 2019

This victory of Federer has become truly historical for the whole world tennis. Thus, he won a hundred matches at Wimbledon - no one at any of the Grand Slam tournaments conquered this achievement. In addition, the Swiss for the 13th time reached the semifinals of the main grass tournament and now has high chances to become the first winner of the five majors after 30 years. But first, he needs to take revenge on one defeat 11 years ago.

Record-setter. Again. @ Rogerfederer makes it a century at # / a3vO7gy9zS

- Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) July 10, 2019

Nadal vs. Federer for the 40th time

The quarterfinal with Rafael Nadal was perhaps the most intriguing at this stage. With a "soil king" was supposed to meet a rare at the present time the master of grass cover Sam Querrey, who is not accustomed to beat the favorites at Wimbledon - Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray remember the defeat of the American. This year, Querrey allowed his rivals to make just one break in 72 cases, and this statistic looked even more impressive than 6-0 Nadal in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon.

However, the most difficult lot, which went to the first three seeded tennis players this year, has sufficiently tempered the Spaniard to fully adapt to the requirements of the grass courts. He made a break early and at the expense of him even earned several set points. Querrey managed to win back all of them and level the game up to ten games.

The end came in the next long game. American branded filing began to fail, and as soon as he was forced to submit a second time, as Nadal necessarily won the rally. Five points was enough to break the second time and confidently apply for a set.

In the rest of the games there was no such tension. Nadal had to play double break points, but for him it was already too easy. He gave only four more games and made only 12 unforced errors for the match. Nadal won and at the same time the first one was selected for the Final tournament of the year. Djokovic may join him soon if he gets to the final.

"He's been in the phenomenal form"

For the first time since 2008, @RafaelNadal and @rogerfederer will face each other at # / wvJvAlLweH

- Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) July 10, 2019

Now the world of tennis will be waiting for two days fortieth meeting of Nadal and Federer. Before, they met at Wimbledon only in the finals from 2006 to 2008. Now the Spaniard wins personal meetings with a score of 24:15.

11 years on, they meet again ... #

- Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) July 10, 2019

The end of "Marreny"

Andy Murray and Serena Williams completed their doubles performance. Star duo, composed of two former first racket of the world, was defeated in the third round of Wimbledon. They lost to Brazilian Bruno Soares, who led the sowing season, and American Nicole Melihar.

The first set Murray and Williams lost after an American could not keep his pitch. However, in the second game Williams, who held the third match in two days, was already acting more carefully. Now Soares and Melihar had to play a break, but they could not do it. When Murray and Williams earned a set point, the Brazilian made a double mistake, and the score was equal.

Seriously, how? 😮

I love you to travel by car. # Wimbledon | @andy_murray | @ / 4XuPnXl5T7

- Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) July 10, 2019

The decisive set Soares and Melihar had already done so, as should the first racket of the tournament. They led 3-0 with two breaks and did not miss the ticket to the quarterfinals. Now Williams will be able to focus on performing in a single tournament, where she reached the semifinals, and Murray - on preparing for the US Open, where he will probably play only in doubles tournaments again.

The road for MurRena ...

Top mixed doubles seeds Soares / Melichar defeat Murray / Williams # / 2ObOCcGUxQ

- Wimbledon (@Wimbledon) July 10, 2019

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