The controversial sanction to Vettel that nobody understands inside the 'paddock'

Montreal seemed like it was going to be where finally the place in the Ferrari could break the unbeaten Mercedes in this World Cup. Everything was going as expected until Vettel, in that

  • Vettel, outraged "We have been robbed"
  • Ferrari.Reclaims to the FIA ​​the revision of the sanction to Vettel in the GP of Canada

Montreal seemed like it was going to be where finally the place in the Ferrari could break the unbeaten Mercedes in this World Cup. Everything went as expected until Vettel , in that moment at the head of the race, made a mistake when he felt Hamilton's breath on the back of his neck and returned to the track while still maintaining the lead. This maneuver, which at first glance did not seem so dangerous, was considered as such by the race stewards because it put the British rider at risk.

And what looked like it was going to be Vettel's first triumph this season, became the fifth of the Mercedes driver by the five-second penalty to the German, who crossed the finish line first knowing that the victory in Canada was not It was going to be for him. But even though this has meant that Mercedes' hegemony continues this season, the sanction for the German four-time champion was perhaps the most entertaining episode of a monotonous World Championship in which Hamilton and Bottas have not stopped falling off the first step of the podium.

This has generated, among other things, the Vettel scene in the closed park, Ferrari's claim to the FIA ​​to revoke the sanction , and now that pilots and directors of other teams not involved in the conflict are positioned in favor of the Italian team

The paddock is with Vettel

One of those who spoke on the first day of the French Grand Prix is the Haaas F1 Team leader, Guenther Steiner, "I've been checking it and it's a 50-50 situation for both riders," said the Italian. "And in a situation like this, I would never choose to penalize whether we are the injured or other teams."

The Red Bull driver, Pierre Gasly , has also given his opinion on the controversial maneuver of the Ferrari driver. "The sanction depends on the perspective, for Vettel it must have been hard, would Hamilton have won without that sanction?" The Frenchman asked with a certain ironic tone .

Nico Hülkenberg also believes that it was a race incident and does not see any need for changes to the sports regulations. "My opinion is that it was a race incident, when you go to the grass, it's difficult to maintain control because you do not have control and you do not have the same grip as in a normal situation." For me it's a race incident . the rules, every weekend there are different judgments by the stewards, I do not see a need to change rules right now , "added the Renault driver

Carlos Sainz has directly stated that he would have acted in the same way as Vettel in a similar situation. "I think like any fan who was disappointed with the penalty , I, as a driver, would have done the same as Sebastian , trying to keep the first position regardless of where the other was, there was potentially danger, but what is not in the F-? 1? I think Lewis was never in real danger , "said the McLaren driver on Thursday at a press conference prior to the French GP.

Rosberg seconded the sanction

Some expilotos also have pronounced with respect to the controversial penalty that cost the victory to Vettel. This is the case of the world champion in 2016 Nico Rosberg , who is one of the few who seems to understand the decision of the commissioners. "He deserved the sanction totally, " said the exiled pilot of Mercedes on his YouTube channel. "It is very, very clear that, unfortunately, it was an insecure return to the track, that's the rule ... in that case, he deserves a penalty" added the German, who also took advantage of the video to criticize his compatriot for losing On too many occasions the concentration at the wheel and waste too much energy in their protests.

Another former world champion, Jacques Villeneuve , showed more in the line of Sainz and Hülkenberg. " It's bad for F1, it ruined the race because it was a bad decision, not because there should be a different winner." If Vettel had done something dirty or bad, he would have deserved a penalty, and that would have been fair, even if there had been another victory of Lewis ". said the Canadian, who also wanted to throw a small taunt to the British before finishing his speech. " Lewis did the right thing, he managed to impose a penalty on Vettel, he's very good at that!"

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