Barça has died

A more ambitious Valencia kidnapped another title to Barcelona, ​​which is in a serious depression. He was smarter in all aspects of football. While Barça d

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A more ambitious Valencia kidnapped another title to Barcelona, ​​which is in a serious depression. He was smarter in all aspects of football. While Barça de Valverde played the reactionary touch-touch , the team was always more dangerous on the counterattack. To the point that the final result could be scandalous if it had not failed Guedes two goals sung.

The truth is that Marcelino gave a review of the gloomy Valverde, which is tucked into the center of the volcano. It will continue? Who will be your substitute?

Marcelino placed aa Soler to finish with Jordi Alba , Messi's great ally in the exclusive and decisive tangential moves. The counterattack killed the awkwardness of Lenglet and the betrayal of Pique in three plays of goal of the first period, which in the end were in two. Parejo ended up injured, because it was the epicenter of finishing the hegemony of Messi, the only impediment. Messi has ended the season absolutely depressed, like his team, after the catastrophe of Liverpool.

They did not even whistle at the King and the anthem as much as in the previous Cup finals. It was a symbol that Barça must be on the divan of the psychiatrist by Dr. Klopp , who is the new Freud of football.

The problem with Barcelona is that it has a serious problem with Valverde. A little thing about football, which has the path of perdition as the only way out of his Barça journey, no matter how much Messi defends him. In the end, Barça's depression is as deep as that of Real Madrid and Atletico. The answer blows in the wind. Who needs the revolution to be greater?

I have always been a fervent flatterer of Messi, but he baffles me when he fails. As if depressed in the decisive matches. What goes through his head? When I crashed the ball on the crossbar I was afraid that Argentina's depression is more serious than it seems.

In any case, it is the great triumph of Marcelino , because I believe with my absolute passion that there are no galaxies in today's football. Not even Messi or Ronaldo or Neymar or anyone. There are only persistent orchestra directors who suffer, work with fervor, with good players.

There is the success of Marcelino, Klopp, Pochettino , Emery and many others who still think that football is a collective game. Wonderful lesson from Valencia, who believed in an ensemble, in a team and not in a single being, as an extraterrestrial like Messi. Heliopolis was the city of the Egyptian sun. A sun that goes out in Barcelona. A team that died in the city of the sun.

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