One of the first to fail was the teams who commented on the heads of the FHR. The president of the organization, three-time Olympic champion Vladislav Tretyak, said that the Russian team had lost tactically to the Finnish opponents.

“Well done Finns! They played correctly, tightly, they didn’t let our players turn around and beat. This suggests that their coaching staff chose the right tactics for the game. We have the opposite, nothing worked. Personally, I do not remember any good combinations performed by the guys. The goal, which was missed in the third period, only aggravated the situation. Yes, we fought, we wanted to win, but the opponent acted coolly and competently. I will single out Kaprizov and Vasilevsky, I liked their actions, ”Tretjak quoted TASS as saying.

In turn, the vice-president of FHR Roman Rotenberg urged journalists and fans not to rush to premature conclusions. According to the functionary, personnel and other issues will be considered only after the end of the tournament.

“Tomorrow we play to win. Then everything else. Russia is with us! ”- quotes Rotenberg RIA.

The topic of the change on the coaching bridge of the Russian national team until the end of the World Cup was proposed to be postponed by the ex-tutor of Omsk Avangard, Fyodor Kanareikin. According to the expert, the question of the resignation of Ilya Vorobyov at the moment is not a priority for the leadership of the FHR.

“The dismissal of the head coach? I would not like to discuss now on a topic that does not yet exist. The championship continues, our team has an important match ahead, ”the coach said.

At the same time, an experienced specialist compared the work of two national federations and stressed that working with young personnel brings positive results to the representatives of Finland. The coach noted the fact that the failure of the Russian national team in meetings with the Finns is a direct consequence of the principle of team formation.

“Their hockey is on the rise now! They successfully perform not only at the main World Cup, but also at the level of youth. We must take an example from them. Retain your young talents and trust them. Previously, it was like this: Fetisov, Fedorov got into the team quite young. Thus, fresh blood flowed into the home team, and the guys grew up playing side by side with the masters. Now this practice is not. We lost to the Finns, who boldly trust the 18-year-old. Therefore, it is necessary to revise this moment ", - quotes Kanareikin Sport24.

The mistakes made in the selection of players for the Russian national team were also speculated by the head coach of the Moscow-based Dynamo Vladimir Krikunov. According to the mentor white-blue, NHL stars designed to protect the national flag, did not fulfill its task.

“The Finns played very well, made a rich defense, played on the counterattack, scored a goal with a counterattack. And we lost a lot of pucks at the entrance to the zone, made a lot of inaccurate transfers in the attack zone. Forwards who score zero must get a deuce. But we have such players who simply must score. And they played like they were hoping that someone would score for them. Not we - so this is the link, not this - so the following. Not invested in the game. In addition, the impression that the forces only lasted for one period. And only at the very end, when they were already losing, they began to active, they climbed on the gate, ”Sport24 quotes Krikunov.

Another representative of the coaching workshop, ex-tutor of Neftekhimik, Andrei Nazarov, called the invitation of players from the NHL the right decision, but at the same time pointed out errors with the work inside the team. According to a specialist, his colleagues were mistaken in giving the captain's armband to Ilya Kovalchuk.

“The idea of ​​inviting the main stars of Russia to the team is correct and brilliant. But the coaches did not figure out how to deal with the players. I say this, despite the fact that all the team mentors are my friends, and I respect them a lot! In my opinion, the captain was chosen incorrectly. This is not a stone in the garden of the great master Ilya Kovalchuk, just for the moment there are young players who are stronger. We need to draw serious conclusions, because with such a team we had to win gold, ”Sportarov quotes Nazarov.

“I don’t understand people who speak and write badly about our children”

Former head coach of the Russian national team Vladimir Plyuschev, commenting on the match results, noted mistakes in the actions of the defensive line of the Russian national team. According to experts, the defenders should not have to leave their half of the site and spend their forces in the attack.

“Players are not playing regalia on the court. The Finns had better movement, they understood from where they beat more efficiently and with all their strength penetrated into these zones. We tried to play on the class, but it didn't work out. The key factor was that their advocates did not allow themselves what ours allowed. Almost everything connected to the attacks. It is not clear why. We do not have hitters? In my opinion, this led to a fatal mistake, ”- quotes the words of Ivy Sport24.

World champion in the Russian team Andrei Nikolishin stood up for the players of the national team. According to the ex-striker "Chicago" and "Colorado", the criticism of the entire team and individual players is undeserved.

“I don’t understand people who speak and write badly about our children. For example, about Ovechkin. People thought he would come and score 20 goals? So it does not work. Sasha is one of the best players in the world and proves this for many years, but this is hockey, and there are such offensive moments in it. The Finns took to the ice with a strict plan and did not violate it. They worked nicely on the penny, clearly acted with clubs and leveled our strong side - a quick transition from defense to attack, ”Nikolishin explained on the air of Match TV.

The two-time Olympic champion Boris Mikhailov does not consider the failure of the current World Cup fatal either. The specialist noted the mood of the Russian hockey players and admitted that he was satisfied with the level of hockey, demonstrated by both teams in 1/2 World Cup finals.

“Both teams came out with a spirit of victory, the game was interesting, with exciting moments. Another thing is that the tactics of the Finns - counterattacks and positional attacks - brought success. The mood of the Russian team was beyond, the players' desire and commitment were good, but the attackers ... Where were they? Without abandoned pucks can not win. But about any failure speech can not be. Ice hockey is loved by the audience, this game is unpredictable, ”Mikhailov quoted TASS.

In the match for the 3rd place, the Russian team will play with a team from the Czech Republic. The meeting will be held on Sunday, May 26, and will begin at 16:45 Moscow time.