"On the drum, with whom to play in the semi-finals"

The match with the US team turned out to be extremely difficult for Russia. Until the last seconds, the Americans stormed the gates of Andrei Vasilevsky in the hope of escape, but did not succeed.

But it all began for the domestic team more than favorably. In the very first attack, the wards of Ilya Vorobyov opened an account, and then realized the first majority.

However, after the break, the opponent managed to reduce the backlog to a minimum, and Vasilevsky made more than one excellent save game. In the third period, the exchange of washers continued. Fortunately for the Russian fans, for the miracle of the "star-striped" there was neither strength nor time.

The number of those who talked to journalists immediately after the final siren, entered Yevgeny Kuznetsov.

“Departure games are always difficult. I think it was necessary to throw more when we had moments. But in general, today we again played fairly well in defense. True, the third puck was frankly unnecessary. The score 4: 2 would be more interesting, "- said the striker.

At that moment it was determined who Russia will play in the semifinal, but Kuznetsov admitted that he does not think about it at all.

“On the drum, with whom to meet in the semifinals. The main thing - to think about your game and tune. Weak rivals in the World Cup simply did not remain. Switzerland, Finland, Sweden - no difference. The main thing is that we ourselves play well, ”said Eugene.

Also, the hockey player thanked for the support of the Russian fans, who literally dominated the stadium named after Ondrey Nepela and throughout the match they drove the charges of Vorobyov ahead.

“It's much easier to play in that atmosphere. It's a pity, beer is not allowed in the stadium. Fans complain about it. So they would support us even more actively, ”said Kuznetsov.

Nor could he have been asked about the absence of goals from Alexander Ovechkin, a partner in the Washington Capitals. An experienced forward in the match with the United States had a lot of chances, but he didn’t manage to upset Corey Schneider.

“Everybody is trying. And you too. Right? There will be a moment - it will score. Yes, sometimes something goes wrong, but we all work, because we are a team. Everyone is fighting for each other. Ovechkin 100% will still throw important goals in this tournament, ”added Kuznetsov.

In turn, defender Vladislav Gavrikov told why in the second period the Russian team had to be so uneasy.

“Now we have all the matches going up. And the hardest games ahead. What happened in the second period? The Americans added to the movement, control washers and began to actively behave in the zone. We have accumulated fatigue, errors have gone, ”the hockey player explained.

At the same time, to Gavrikov himself, there can be no complaints about the game, because in a couple of episodes he interrupted the transfer of Americans to an empty net. However, Vladislav himself after the final siren was extremely modest.

“I'm not quite happy with my game, because it was from my stick that the first puck of Americans flew into the net. In that episode, the throw could also be blocked. The most important thing - won. We are preparing further. It was important for us to finish the game without our own mistakes and not to make blots out of the blue. It was necessary to calmly bring the match to victory, ”Gavrikov added.

Kirill Kaprizov was also laconic, who in the second match in a row did not leave the ice without a goal.

“It was a good game. It's great that we managed to throw a quick puck. When this happens, it always gives confidence in their abilities, and it becomes easier to play. Did I catch my game? The main thing was won, ”said the striker.

Also, the young striker told how he reacted to the statement by US defender Ryan Suter about his readiness to prepare a report on the game of Kaprizov in Minnesota.

“Before the game, just wished each other good luck. Good luck! Good luck! Let's see what report about my game he will make to the club. In fact, I don’t think about it yet, ”admitted Cyril.

"They did not expect that it would be so hard"

Open the same account in the second minute, Nikita Gusev. However, after the match, he did not look quite happy with the game.

“They did not expect that it would be so hard, but they themselves were to blame. When you keep the score, you need to act more confidently. We should have played even better in defense, but made a hassle in the end. How many times with a difference of two goals led, they should have been quieter in ending, maybe catching an opponent on a counterattack, ”the attacker complained.

In addition to the abandoned puck, Gusev was marked by assists on Mikhail Sergachev and Kaprizov. Especially beautiful was the last.

"It so happened that two in one ran out, I saw that Cyril was free and gave him the transfer," added the hockey player.

Gusev was also asked to compare the atmosphere in the quarterfinal match of the World Cup and at the SKA stadium in St. Petersburg.

“Support, of course, is good, but not in St. Petersburg,” Nikita summed up.

Mikhail Grigorenko was also able to excel, who scored the fourth goal in the opponent's goal. After the game, he noted that his opponent failed to surprise the Russian hockey players.

“The US team is one of the strongest teams in the world. They knew what to expect from her. North American hockey is first and foremost a large number of power moves, an aggressive game. My goal? Zhenya Dadonov fought hard at the side, gave the transfer to Evgeni Malkin, who saw me. I successfully hit, but the whole troika worked hard, it turned out great, ”the striker said.

Also, the striker noted the game Vasilevsky, who made a number of stunning saves.

“When the score was 4-2, when the opponent took off the goalkeeper, the pressure was felt. It's great that you survived, and Vasilevsky - well done. The key moment of the match is difficult to call. Perhaps the game Vasilevsky, although we acted in a disciplined way. It helped that almost did not play in the minority. Did you complete the minimum task? No, about any task, a minimum of speech can not go. The main thing is to take gold, ”added Grigorenko.

Defender Dmitriy Orlov, for the most part of the match, had to confront the third NHL regular scorer, Patrick Kane, but the striker failed to distinguish himself.

“We played with the US team, and not with any single hockey player. The main thing, won and move on. Kane? Each player who went on the ice against him, tried to keep Patrick as tight as possible. In principle, the moments he had not so much. But when the Americans threw the third puck, Kane made a good pass. But this is our mistake, we should play more tightly, ”Orlov noted.

“A very strong talented team has been assembled under the flag of the Russian national team”

In turn, the US hockey team noted the high level of Russia. So, the American goalkeeper Schneider lamented that the "Stars and Stripes" got such a strong contender already at the quarterfinal stage.

“It was a good game, cool confrontation. We didn’t have the best crop, in the group stage we could score a couple more points and take a higher place. Any team in the quarter-finals would be a difficult opponent, but under the flag of Russia a very strong and talented team is assembled, which plays great. We had a good match. In any other year they could meet with Russia in the semifinals or finals, but this time they hit each other in the quarter finals, and the USA flew out, ”the goalkeeper summed up the match.

Schneider also answered the question of whether the Americans are capable of winning the world championship in the coming years. The last time the US team took the gold championship of the planet back in 1960.

“This year we have a difficult opponent, but it happens. We felt that we have great potential, but we didn’t reveal it to the end, especially considering the number of talented hockey players in our roster. We fought to the end even in this match. We have enough guys under 25 years old, this is a good young bones. I hope that now the best of the best will come to every world championship, ”Schneider added.

Another experienced American hockey player, Ryan Souter, spoke in a similar vein.

“We played great in the second period, but could not score more than one goal. In the end, the opponent realized his moments, but we failed to return to the game. Russian hockey players are good. Can we call this the best US team in the last 20 years? What difference does it make if we lose? ”, Said the defender.

And striker Jack Hughes complained that the Russian team was too active in starting the match.

“We did not win, but only wanted this. Russia has a very good team, they started the game strongly, immediately rushed to the attack. It was our strongest contender in the World Cup, they have NHL stars in all links, ”summed up the young forward.