Video: You know the player that spawn the Saudi commentator

The video, which has spread to the social networking sites of a Saudi sports commentator, has generated a lot of controversy over the past two days. This came during the replacement of the French-Algerian player Louisa Nassib in one of Olympique Lyon's French matches.

The video, which has spread to social media websites and has been a controversial commentator for the past two days, has sparked controversy in the past two weeks when French national Luiza Nassib has been replaced by a French Olympique Lyon player.

The Saudi sports commentator Sulaiman Al-Enezi, in describing the player during her replacement, provoked many reactions, but who is the player and what is her career, Louisa Nesib, born in 1987, a French football player of Algerian origin, currently playing with Olympique Lyon and the team As a central player.

The 12-year-old has already won a title with Lyon and France, with five titles including the best in the world in 2009. She has played 145 times for France, scoring 36 goals and scoring 84 goals in the French league.

ref: emara