Liverpool achieve the achievement in Munich .. And the quarter-finals of the day

LONDON (Reuters) - Liverpool, the defending champion, made a comeback from the Allianz Arena with a 3-1 win over Bayern Munich,

LONDON (Reuters) - Liverpool, the defending champion, made it back from the Allianz Arena with a 3-1 Champions League quarter-final win over Bayern Munich, 1, Wednesday, in the second leg of the price of the final.

Liverpool, who drew a goalless draw at home, went on to beat English champions Manchester City this season, following both Manchester City and Tottenham at the expense of Schalke 04 (10-2) and Dortmund (4-0) To four for the first time since 2008-2009 with Manchester United qualifying as well.

The quarter-finals were held today, with Liverpool and Barcelona having three English clubs, Ajax, Porto and Juventus.

Van Dyck, who missed the first leg because of the suspension, said: "Qualified but tough. We knew we'd have a hard time here (Munich), because we're facing a strong team with great players and playing at home, but we were very confident we could score and get back on the ticket. "

Bayern have lost their first home win in the final price since 2011 when they fell to Inter Milan 2-3, and also dropped out for the last time of the round of 16. The Bavarians have failed to maintain a German team in the quarter-finals since the 2005-2006 season.

"We deserve to lose," said Croatian coach Nico Kovac. They pressed us in the middle of our court and they were very united and made things very difficult for us. We had a very strong team, you have to congratulate Liverpool and Clob, they were the best in the two games. " Liverpool are a team of the highest level in Europe, and have shown our limitations ยป.

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