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Handball World Cup: To smooch


In a dramatic game of two class teams, Germany beats Croatia and is in the World Cup semifinals for the first time since 2007. It was the best thriller that the ZDF ever showed.

It should not be a lot of fun to compete against a handball player in the can throwing. About Fabian Wiede about. The German left-hander certainly meets blindfolded. At least you could get this impression, as he welded his six goals in the World Cup main round game against the Croats in the gate.

He always met. "He played a crazy game," said his coach Christian Prokop. Six of six throws found their way into the goal, four in the upper left, one in the upper right, one in the lower right. Wiede met when Germany had to compensate. Wiede met if Germany had not thrown a goal for a long time. Wiede met when Germany had to take the lead. Wiede was the largest German rescue package since 2008.

Wiede also gave assists. He was rightly named player of the game. All of his colleagues mentioned the right back space player as they talked about the game. First puns made the rounds: we're who who.

Germany is back in the World Cup semifinals after 22:21 against Croatia for the first time since the World Cup victory in 2007, after the second of three games in the main round. It was a fierce fight between two equally strong world-class teams, who clashed their horns like two ibexes. Advertising for handball, the speed sport, which often does not know its winner until the last second. Probably the best Monday night thriller ever on ZDF.

Early on, in two scenes it became clear what that would mean. In the first, Croatia's CELEBRATOR Zeljko Musa, two meters high and a hundred kilos, held his opponent Hendrik Pekeler, who was standing with his back to him, firmly in hand, hurled him to the left, to the right. Pekeler jerked back and forth like a six-foot-tall eel until he fell to the ground.

In the second Musa fought on the other side with Uwe Gensheimer and Paul Drux in a ground combat that would have made any Greco-Roman wrestler proud - a tangle of men. As the referees whistled, Gensheimer patted the Croats on the floor, almost snubbing them and then helping each other out.

This scene sums it up pretty well: What a fight! # Handball19 #CROGER

- Sportschau (@sportschau) January 21, 2019

A tragic moment was when Germany lost its playmaker Martin Strobel, who tore the inside ligament and the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. A mood damper when he was carried out of the hall. Many in the Cologne audience blamed a Croatian defender, but Strobel's knees had twisted before his arm had landed on his neck. Nevertheless, from now on, every attack of the Croats was booed.

When Germany lost twice and Uwe Gensheimer threw a seven-meter throw to the post, the Croats led 6: 4. When Germany was complete again, Steffen Fäth and Jannik Kohlbacher equalized with important goals.

In defense, Prokop switched from the usual 6: 0 variant to the more offensive 3-2-1 cover. "Puk off the back, then we can still change," he said in a break. And later: "At the back we decide the game today."

They had to stop somehow the swift Croatian playmaker Igor Karacić, who hit himself or brought his circling Musa into play. The 3-2-1 variant bothered him more, he made mistakes now. The defense, she is Germany's insurance in this tournament.

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