At the Handball World Cup Germany and Russia have 22:22 and thus separated with a draw. Instead of moving directly into the main round, Germany now has to win against World Champion France on Tuesday to move on. The best thrower of the DHB selection was captain Uwe Gensheimer.

The team of coach Christian Prokop initially found no access to the game. This was partly due to the fact that the opponent significantly better than defenseless last Brazilians. Above all, however, Germany goalkeeper Andreas Wolff did not tie up his previously strong tournament performances in the first round. In the first quarter of an hour, the keeper of the THW Kiel just one throw. Before the break, Prokop brought the second goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter on the field for the first time.

Christian Prokop: "Stay cool"

On the other hand, things went better in the offensive. Captain Gensheimer turned most of his attempts as usual accurate, and also the throws from the back room sat mostly. Nevertheless, the game remained tight because the Russians made sure they were safe. Even the Solide German defensive could not change that. But the DHB selection increased - which also had to do with the inclusion of Jannik Kohlbacher. The 23-year-old created important rooms and also completed successfully. In the second half, the German team created their lead after only a few minutes for the first time on four goals.

Nevertheless, thanks to their towering buyer Victor Kireew, the Russians stayed tuned. "Stay cool," was the tenor in a speech Prokop during the second round. Until the dramatic final phase, his team took this to heart. But when Paul Drux made a play mistake, the Russians managed to equalize. Fabian Böhm brought the DHB selection again in front 45 seconds before the end. But Russia drew again just seconds before the final siren.