Cas decision in the oxygen affair: ski racer Luitz receives his victory back

Successful Appeal to the Sport Court in Cas: Ski racer Stefan Luitz gets his World Cup victory back from Beaver Creek. The German was initially punished for using oxygen.

Ski racer Stefan Luitz has had success with his appointment to the International Sports Court of Cas and regains his first World Cup victory. This decision of the Lausanne Court of First Instance was communicated to Luitz's lawyer Anne Jakob. In addition, the German Ski Federation (DSV) spread a Luitz statement for decision.

The 26-year-old is soon officially one of 14 German men who could win a race in the Alpine Ski World Cup.

The consequences of the Cas decision for the regulations of the Skiweltverband Fis was initially unclear. "If the Fis does not adjust the rules now, she acts roughly negligent," said Jacob. Theoretically, the award could be reviewed before the Swiss Federal Supreme Court, a state court, on procedural issues. The Cas was initially unreachable for further details of the decision.

Luitz had breathed oxygen through a mask in a residence area at the racetrack in Beaver Creek at the beginning of December, thereby violating the regulations of the World Ski Federation. The Fis subsequently disqualified him for a rule violation, following a wording in the Anti-Doping Regulations.

"I can now celebrate the World Cup victory a second time"

Luitz resisted the punishment, arguing, among other things, that oxygen is being explicitly allowed by the World Anti-Doping Agency Wada and that there is a contradiction between Fis and Wada guidelines. The breach of the Fis rules he had therefore been unaware.

"I am very pleased that the Cas came to this decision, which also makes it clear that this is not a doping violation," Luitz told the DSV: "I'm happy to confirm my sporting performance at the Green Table I can now celebrate World Cup victory a second time. "

Luitz's season is over after a knee injury and an operation on the shoulder. He will not compete in the World Cup final in Andorra on Saturday.

ref: spiegel