Barcelona, ​​one step away from its first Champions final

A goal from France's Kheira Hamraoui in the second half gave Barcelona a golden triumph against Bayern Munich (0-1), which was overtaken by the maturity of the visitors.

A goal from France's Kheira Hamraoui in the second half gave Barcelona a golden triumph against Bayern Munich (0-1), which was overtaken by the maturity of the visitors in the first leg of the Liga semifinals. of Champions. The Barça team controlled the match until the French player (min.63) and knew how to defend themselves in the last heartbeat of the same, when Bayern sought a draw with more heart than game.

A magnificent result for the Catalans, who add their tenth consecutive victory and are within 90 minutes of playing their first final of the Champions League . Your chance will come next Sunday, April 28 at the Miniestadi.

He sent Barcelona with the ball in the first half, something that did not worry the Bavarian team, aware that direct play was his best weapon to put Sandra Paños to the test. The locals staged the first arrivals. Rolfö and Damnjanovic , their main offensive arguments, warned with two shots that went astray. The control, however, was azulgrana. They lacked some depth to those of Lluís Cortés , who preferred to defend themselves with the ball while waiting to take advantage of their options. Tony Duggan had the first in a shot that crossed too much, while in the 22nd minute Hamraoui tested it with a poisoned center that was spat on the crossbar.

Barça control

He played and played Barcelona. The goal, however, did not come. It brushed Vicky Losada , who broke away from his marker with a precise dribble to place the ball in the left and put together a low shot from the front that came back, again, with the wood. It was the clearest chance for Barcelona, ​​who lost control in the last ten minutes of the first half, something that gave the Germans the air, which also had a clear chance to open the scoring. It was in a rapid transition that Damnjanovic could not finish. In the heads-up, Paños took a step forward to reject the Serbian forward's shot.

In the resumption, the game of Barça went deeper. Martens appeared on the left, who with two individual plays forced a card and a possible penalty that the Czech team member interpreted was not a fault. It did not fuel the German team. Damnjanovic was too alone at the point of attack and Rolfö's ability did not appear in the three-quarters area.

Barcelona won the insistence prize in the 63rd minute. Mariona enabled Hamraoui on the right wing. The French midfielder caracoleó, surpassed his defender and with the right hand crossed the ball to the right of the goal defended by Benkarth . After the goal, Bayern advanced the lines in search of a draw. Cloths, providential with his feet, he avoided Däbritz shot, which did not culminate a magnificent individual play by the left wing. The German tie did not come because the crossbar prevented it. It was in a free direct from Däbritz, at the last minute, that he surprised Paños.

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