"Fedorov is glad that I repeated his record": Ovechkin came out on top among the Russians on points scored in the NHL

Alexander Ovechkin scored the puck in the match with Toronto and caught up with Sergey Fedorov, the leader in points in the NHL among Russians. They scored 1179 points, but the Washington striker had fewer games. At the same time, the Capitals suffered a seventh defeat in a row in the regular season and dropped to fifth place in the Eastern Conference standings.

23rd hat-trick and 400th puck in equal compositions

The last two matches before the break for the NHL All-Star Game turned out to be ambiguous for Alexander Ovechkin. On the one hand, he scored four goals in them and scored five points for performance. On the other hand, his “Washington” in both meetings lost and extended the series of failures to seven in a row.

Particularly offensive to the Capitals was the failure of the match against San Jose. Ovechkin on this day did everything to ensure that his team finally won. The Russian has issued the 23rd hat-trick in the NHL and rushed into the top ten in the history of the league for this indicator. Domestic hockey player by the number of hat-tricks bypassed one legendary Finn Teemu Seljanne and caught up with another - Jari Kurri.

And the first puck in the match allowed Ovechkin to reach the net 14th place in the NHL sniper race in the entire history: this scoring was for Alexander 641st. Also in this meeting, the striker set another achievement - reached 400 washers in the NHL in equal compositions for 14 seasons.

Ovi nets anotha one 👀🎩

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But the efforts of the leader did not help “Washington” to win. A second before the end of normal time, “San Jose” equalized the score, and in overtime, it delivered an opponent in one of the counterattacks - 7: 6. As a result, the Capitals lost the match for the first time in a match in which Ovechkin scored three times.

Alexander himself, despite the impressive game, after the match reproached himself for the unrealized moment in the end, which could put an end to the confrontation.

"That was my fault. I tried to hit the empty net, but the shot was blocked. Played in a hurry, it turned out badly. It was necessary to act smarter, "- quotes the words of Ovechkin NBC.

"Being number one is amazing"

In the next match, “Washington” on the road met with “Toronto”, which recently also has difficulties - “Maple Leafs” lost four meetings out of five.

And from Ovechkin at home they were waiting for the next record. Thanks to the four points scored in the previous match, Alexander reduced the gap to the former Washington partner Sergei Fedorov to one point, who ranked first on the list of the best domestic scorers in NHL history with 1179 points.

Before the game, Ovechkin called Fedorov a “real legend” and admitted that it would be an honor for him to bypass the former team-mate and close friend. In turn, Sergei wished Alexander success.

“When I joined the ranks of“ Washington, ”I was aware of my role as an uncle tutor, consultant. I needed to give the young guys the right direction so that they would have the opportunity to win the Stanley Cup. I am very glad that Ovechkin drew something from my game. He drew the right conclusions from our joint experience, and this helped him to achieve such results. I hope I could help him, ”the NHL official website quotes Fedorov.

However, the match with “Toronto” almost ended for Ovechkin already in the middle of the first period. The Russian clashed with teammate Ti Jay Oshi and did not immediately manage to rise from the ice. To play it safe, the hockey player was even sent for a small examination to rule out concussion. Fortunately, the doctors did not reveal serious problems, and Alexander continued the game.

“To be honest, I did not understand why they called for this survey. This collision just “shook” me a little, and then everything was fine. You know me, ”Ovechkin quotes The Washington Post.

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At the end of the starting period, the teams exchanged abandoned washers, and at the beginning of the second, Ovechkin scored a goal and caught up with Fedorov by the number of points scored in the NHL - 1179. The Russians now have 644 abandoned pucks and 535 assists. At the same time, he spent much fewer matches than Sergey.

On the third place in the list of the best scorers of the NHL among Russians, Alexander Mogilny is located with 1032 points, and on the third - Alexey Kovalev (1029).

“I'm sure Fedorov is very happy that it was I, and not someone else, who repeated his record. It means a lot. Obviously, the dream has come true. Being number one, equaling the legend, is amazing, ”said Ovechkin in an interview with Sportsnet.

. @ ovi8 ties Sergei Fedorov for most points by a Russian player. pic.twitter.com/tjfL7CWqxO

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Unfortunately, the Capitals then missed four goals in a row and actually sentenced themselves. Goal Matt Niskanen for three minutes before the end has already slightly changed the situation. Thus, the current holder of the Stanley Cup suffered a seventh defeat in a row and dropped to fifth place in the Eastern Conference standings. The team will have to correct the situation after the break for the All-Star Game. The next meeting of the regular championship "Washington" will hold only on February 2 and will fight with the "Calgary".

Ovechkin will have to miss one game for refusing to participate in the All-Star Game. But the following effective action of Alexander will allow him to finally get around Fedorov. And in the race of snipers of the regular championship of the current season, the Russian is leading now. Alexander scored 37 goals and he is seven accurate shots ahead of Jeff Skinner (Buffalo), Braden Point (Tampa Bay) and John Tavares (Toronto).

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