Regarding "Shinmoedake" in the Kirishima mountain range, where the eruption alert level was raised to "2" in March, as volcanic activity is increasing, the Meteorological Agency said, "Volcanic earthquakes are increasing and underground crustal movements are also observed. Is similar to the one that erupted in the past. "

The Japan Meteorological Agency announced last month the activity status of active volcanoes nationwide and points to watch out for.

Shinmoedake raises level 2

▽ At Shinmoedake in the Kirishima mountain range on the prefectural border between Kagoshima and Miyazaki, the number of volcanic earthquakes with the epicenter directly below the crater increased slightly in March, and from the 27th, the number of volcanic earthquakes increased further, indicating the accumulation of magma deep underground. Crustal movements were also observed.

For this reason, the Japan Meteorological Agency raised the eruption alert level from "1" to "2", which indicates the regulation around the crater, because volcanic activity is increasing.

Immediately after the withdrawal, volcanic tremors were observed for about 2 minutes, and the Japan Meteorological Agency is calling for caution against large jets scattered within a range of about 2 km from the crater, saying that the state of increased activity continues.

Regarding the activity of Shinmoedake, Masamichi Nakamura, a volcanic activity evaluation analyst at the Volcanic Monitoring Division of the Japan Meteorological Agency, said, "The activity is gradually increasing, and the magma chamber is also expanding. The scale of fluctuations is still small, but the process is quite similar. We are wary of whether an eruption will occur in the future. "

The situation of other volcanoes

Other volcanoes.

▽ Since eruption was confirmed on the meteorological satellite "Himawari" on the 27th of last month at the submarine volcano "Eruption Asane" in the Ogasawara Islands, the Japan Meteorological Agency determined that an eruption had occurred and issued an eruption warning in the surrounding sea area.

No eruption was observed after 2:00 pm on the following day, 28th, and no discolored water or pumice stones have been confirmed so far.

▽ Sakurajima in Kagoshima Prefecture has an eruption alert level of 3, and a very small eruption occasionally occurred at the Minamidake summit crater, but the activity has been declining.

Although the gradual crustal movements that have continued since November last year, which indicate the expansion of the mountain body, have stagnated, the activity may become more active in the future.

▽ Suwanosejima in the same Kagoshima prefecture has an eruption alert level of 3, and eruption activity continues to be active.

Last month, a large volcanic bomb flew to about 1 km from the crater, so there is a possibility that eruptions that affect the area around the crater will continue.