Pumice stones from the eruption of a submarine volcano are still causing great damage to the fishing industry and tourism in Okinawa and Amami.

Pumice drifting on the sea has been confirmed off the coast of Kochi Prefecture and in the Izu Islands, and it has been pointed out that it will approach the Kanto region in the future.

How long and how much will it affect you?

The latest analysis.

Okinawa 11th is also gray all over

In the video taken by NHK helicopter, it was confirmed that a large amount of pumice stones were washed ashore in various parts of the main island of Okinawa on the 11th.

The image above is a cage off the coast of Untenbaru fishing port in Nago city.

Pumice stones get inside and it is all gray.

In Okinawan cages, fish die and boats engaged in aquaculture work cannot approach.

In addition, pumice stones are rushing in front of tourist resort beaches and resort hotels, affecting leisure activities.

According to Okinawa Prefecture, as of the 10th, pumice stones were washed ashore in 18 out of 41 ports and 38 out of 87 fishing ports, which hindered fishing and ship operations. It means that it is out.

Also confirmed in the Izu Islands off the coast of Kochi Prefecture

Pumice stones are believed to be drifting eastward under the influence of ocean currents and winds.

The Japan Coast Guard was investigating the whereabouts of pumice stones by aircraft, and after confirming the whereabouts of pumice stones off the coast of Kochi Prefecture at the end of last month, on the 10th, in the Izu Islands, although it is unknown whether it is a submarine volcano, pumice stones were washed ashore. The information that was confirmed was sent to Shizuoka Prefecture by the Shimoda Coast Guard, and the information was shared among related organizations.

Shizuoka Prefecture has a system that can be contacted 24 hours a day

Shizuoka Prefecture has strengthened its vigilance by strengthening information gathering and communication systems at ports in the prefecture, and has created a 24-hour contact network that allows 24-hour contact with the local agencies of the prefecture that manages the ports and the 16 municipalities where the ports are located.

If pumice stones are found ashore in the prefecture, the prefecture will promptly inform the relevant organizations and investigate the situation.

Hiroto Kitagawa, chief of the Port Planning Division of Shizuoka Prefecture, said, "We are on alert because there is information that we are approaching the prefecture. Shizuoka Prefecture has a wide coastline and we do not know where it will be washed ashore, so we will share information promptly. I want to take measures against it. "

In the latest simulation

According to JAMSTEC = Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, a large amount of pumice stones that are thought to have erupted from the eruption of a submarine volcano in the Ogasawara Islands are expected to approach Shizuoka Prefecture by riding the Kuroshio Current around the end of this month.

Principal Researcher "Almost certainly approaching Shizuoka and Kanto"

The forecast may change depending on the flow of the Kuroshio Current in the future, and Senior Researcher Miyama said, "I don't know how much it will be, but I think it will almost certainly approach Shizuoka and Kanto. If the amount of wreckage in Okinawa is pushed, in principle, you have to wait for it to sink. I think that pumice stones will continue to float for several months, so it is difficult for pumice stones to enter the port or farm that you absolutely want to protect. I think we have no choice but to take measures. "

Concerned about affecting shirasu fishing

Under these circumstances, the Mochimune fishing port in Suruga Ward, Shizuoka City, where about 700 tons of shirasu are landed annually, is also becoming more vigilant.

According to the Shimizu Fisheries Cooperative, which uses the Mochimune fishing port, fishing is expected to take place within the year, but there are concerns about damage to nets and fishing boat engines due to pumice stones.

For this reason, information such as the current location of pumice stones created by the Japan Coast Guard is shared and prepared with union members.

Fisheries Cooperative "I'm scared to see the situation in Okinawa"

Koji Murakoshi, sales manager of the Shimizu Fisheries Cooperative Mochimune Branch, said, "I'm scared when I see the situation in Okinawa. Since the shirasu is small, it leaks when the net is damaged by pumice stones. I want to be careful because it will cost the fishermen and the fishermen's income will be lost. "

Japan Meteorological Agency submarine volcano may re-erupt

The Japan Meteorological Agency has called for caution regarding the activity of the submarine volcano in the Ogasawara Islands, which caused the pumice stones, saying that there is a possibility that the pumice stones will erupt again, although it is not the last eruption in August. increase.