A memorial monument was erected in Minamiaso Village, Kumamoto Prefecture, to commemorate the students of Tokai University who died under the apartment that collapsed in the Kumamoto earthquake five years ago, and the unveiling ceremony was held on the 8th.

In the Kurokawa district of Minamiaso Village, where the campus of the Faculty of Agriculture of Tokai University is located, many apartments collapsed due to the second shaking of seismic intensity 7 in the series of Kumamoto earthquakes, and three underlay students and one inhabitant died. rice field.

The memorial was built on the site of an elementary school near the place where the apartment was, and is engraved with the names of the four dead.

About 50 people, including residents and students attending the Faculty of Agriculture, attended the unveiling ceremony and prayed with flowers.

Yukio Furusho, Mayor of the Kurokawa district, said, "We built a monument to pass on the Kumamoto earthquake to future generations. I want many people to visit us so as not to forget the dead."

Ryota Noda, a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Agriculture at Tokai University, said, "I'm really sorry that the lives of the same young generation were lost in the earthquake. I want to convey the existence and prevent weathering. "