Last year many Dutch people had to change their summer plans.

This summer, holidays abroad are once again beckoning, preferably with your own car.

Are you traveling in an electric?

Then you will have an unforgettable trip with these tips.

More and more people are going on holiday with an electric car.

The distance is no longer a limitation: the range of fully electric models has increased rapidly in recent years and the number of (fast) charging stations has exploded, both in the Netherlands and in neighboring countries.

You can effortlessly charge the battery of your electric car along the highway and in cities, but also along N-roads and in villages.

Prepared for travel

Nowadays, the question is no longer whether you can travel with an electric car, but which model is best suited there.

By preparing well and occasionally deviating from the beaten path, you will discover places that would otherwise have remained hidden.

The first condition for an unforgettable trip abroad is that the car has a large range and the correct charging specifications.

The Renault Zoe E-Tech electric, available from 32,790 euros, delivers in both areas.

This 100 percent electric car has a maximum range of 395 kilometers (according to the European test protocol WLTP).

That is roughly equal to the distance from Amsterdam to Luxembourg.

Electric in our own country

Are you staying in your own country? Then the new Renault Twingo E-Tech electric (from 20,690 euros) is your best friend. With 190 kilometers (270 kilometers if you only drive in the city), this compact all-rounder has a smaller range, but it also offers exactly the same electric driving comfort as the Renault Zoe E-Tech electric.

For both models, you can charge the battery at almost all public charging stations: the smart charger automatically adjusts to the maximum available power (up to 22 kW) and ensures the shortest and most efficient charging time possible, so that you can quickly resume your adventure. can continue. Within an hour the battery of your Renault Twingo E-Tech electric is charged to 80 percent and within half an hour you have a range of about 80 kilometers.

It goes even faster with the Renault Zoe E-Tech electric, because the CCS charger enables fast charging (DC) up to 50 kW.

With this you can charge at fast charging stations along the highway and drive 150 kilometers within half an hour.

Schedule charging sessions

Are you going further from home than a full battery will allow?

Then it is a good idea to plan the charging sessions in advance.

The My Renault app comes in handy here.

The app provides insight into the current range, shows via the smart route planner where you can best charge the battery and how long the journey will take (including the charging time).

During a charging stop, you can quietly explore the area or sit on a terrace while simultaneously monitoring the charging status in real time on your smartphone.

The app is connected to the Easy Link multimedia and navigation system in the car;

You can easily send a route that you map out in My Renault to Easy Link via your smartphone.

The system also makes it possible to plan your route, view the availability of charging stations in real time or, for example, only show the 22kW or 50kW charging stations.

On the way with a hybrid or plug-in hybrid?

And what about if you go on holiday with a hybrid or plug-in hybrid? Both have E-Tech hybrid technology: two electric motors and a battery in combination with a combustion engine. As a result, timely charging is not necessarily necessary.

Hybrid models such as the Renault Clio E-Tech hybrid, the Renault Captur E-Tech hybrid and the all-new Renault Arkana E-Tech hybrid, a sporty and spacious SUV coupé, charge the battery with energy released when braking. As a result, you can drive electrically in the city up to 80 percent of the time and a hybrid consumes up to 40 percent less fuel than a similar car with a petrol engine.

Plug-in hybrids such as the Renault Captur E-Tech plug-in hybrid and the Renault Megane Estate E-tech plug-in hybrid offer the option of charging the battery via a plug.

This allows you to drive fully electric for a larger part of the route.

Hairpin bends and narrow village streets

Renault's electrified models deliver outstanding performance in every situation.

They feel just as at home in rolling hilly landscapes and hairpin bends at high altitudes as they do on highways and narrow village streets.

Freedom is the keyword. You choose where you charge your electric and plug-in hybrid car: at home, at a public charging station or via a fast charging station. Do you want to save an extra overnight stay en route? Fast charging saves a lot of time. However you travel the miles to your holiday destination, don't forget that the main goal is to recharge yourself. By leaving enough room for relaxation in your travel planning, you and your travel companions will enjoy the trip the most.

Visit for more information on the 100 percent electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid E-Tech models, including the new Renault Arkana E-Tech hybrid.