Due to the corona measures, it is not possible to be physically together with a large group of friends during the Easter days.

Still, you can make a party of Easter together this year.


By giving a new twist to this holiday.

Don't go for the standard Easter brunch, but get the raclette grill out of the cupboard to gourmet with your (online) table companions.

Very cozy.

And delicious of course, with fresh ingredients from local entrepreneurs and your favorite sauces.

Virtual gourmet session

How do you go about it?

Invite your friends to a virtual gourmet session and dine together online.

This is already quite normal in Japan.

There is even a word for online drinks with friends:



Get the same wine as your friends, go shopping with an identical shopping list and make Easter extra fun this year by preparing innovative and inspiring gourmet recipes together (in your own kitchen).

Because no matter how delicious a mini-slavink with mayonnaise is, there are even more gourmet-proof goodies to discover that you can prepare in your small pan.

Original gourmet recipes

Danny Jansen, TV chef at 24kitchen, has developed several delicious gourmet dishes together with Calvé that you will all want to try this Easter.

Gourmet food with these dishes is not only very tasty, but also surprising.

For example, an Easter gourmet is of course not complete without an omelet.

But you have probably never prepared Danny's variant in a gourmet pan.

Make a delicious gourmet omelette with salmon and the white gold: asparagus.

Watch the video how to put this dish on the table in a few minutes:


Gourmet recipe for Easter omelette with salmon and asparagus

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Also a tasty snack for the Easter gourmet: a shrimp cocktail, but different.

With fried prawns, potato cubes and avocado served with Calvé Whiskey Cocktail sauce.

View the recipe here.

Want even more original, tasty and easy Easter gourmet ideas?

Go gourmet with the Calvé sauces and watch all gourmet dishes on the Calvé YouTube channel.