One night has passed since the earthquake that observed shaking with a seismic intensity of 5 or higher in Miyagi Prefecture, and at the site of Shiogama City where a landslide occurred, work is being done to remove the rainy medium sediment.

On the 20th, there was an earthquake in Miyagi prefecture that observed shaking with a maximum seismic intensity of 5 or higher, and in Shiogama City, where shaking with seismic intensity 4 was observed, a landslide occurred, and earth and sand and mortar sprayed on the slope collapsed on the city road. It is closed to traffic.

A car drive recorder parked in a house near the site recorded footage of the moment the landslide occurred.

From the video, you can see how the earth and sand collapse with a loud noise immediately after the shaking of the earthquake.

A man who owns a car said, "I was so nervous last night that I couldn't sleep easily. I'm worried that the earth and sand will collapse again due to rain and aftershocks."

At the site of the landslide, work was done to remove the landslides from the morning while it was raining, and nearby residents were anxiously watching over the work.

According to Shiogama City, no one was injured by this landslide.

The city is rushing to remove it, but there is no prospect of lifting the road closure.

“No major damage” Miyagi Prefecture Special Alert Headquarters

Miyagi Prefecture held the second meeting of the Special Alert Headquarters from 10 am to confirm the damage situation in the prefecture.

According to this, so far, there is no information on major damage to lifelines such as water and gas, housing, and facilities related to agriculture and fisheries.

In addition, there was no major damage to public schools in the prefecture, and they will be asked to attend school as usual from the 22nd.

Deputy Governor Yoshiaki Sano, who is the general manager of the headquarters, said, "There is a possibility of aftershocks for the next week or so, and it is expected that rain and wind will become stronger from this afternoon. I want you to do it. "