Do you not want to compromise on your current lifestyle later on?

Retired earlier?

Or are you worried about your money matters?

Whatever is going on;

it's nice to have your finances in order.

For now and in the future.

So start today with making choices for later.

You can use various online tools for this, such as Aegon's FinSnap tool that maps your finances now and later in ten minutes and thus helps you to look ahead.

In the



, we talk to various Dutch people about their financial situation.

This time we are looking ahead with Anne who wants to sell her company in two years' time, thus saying goodbye to her working life.


Anne Vrieze (58)

Earns a living with:

her own online company


in Zaandam with husband Bob (59)


can I sell my company and therefore stop working earlier?

Setting up your own company and then putting it up for sale.

That does not seem easy to me.

"You don't decide that all of a sudden. In 2014 I started the online WWZ Academy that has now trained more than 500 youth and Wmo consultants. I worked very hard for a long time to establish a mature, stable company."

"But even for self-employment, work was often paramount. For years I worked as a policy officer in the social domain. Also a busy job that consumed a lot of time and energy. A little more time for myself would be nice by now."

Hence the desire to stop working earlier?

"Exactly. There is more to life than working alone. Both my husband and I lost a parent to cancer at an early age. I myself am in charge of the breast cancer gene, but fortunately I had a preventive operation. That's why we want now, while we still have" be young and healthy, enjoy as much as possible. Work sometimes gets in the way. "

Is early retirement a viable option?

"According to my own financial advisor, that shouldn't be a problem. But a double check never hurts. That's why we took a closer look at our total picture of income and expenditure via Aegon's FinSnap tool."

"A smart move, given the additional tips that Aegon's adviser gave us. For example, by having my pension paid out early. This means that you build up less pension in total and you get paid less per month. But if you have sufficient financial reserves. you have to bridge the years until your retirement date, this could be an extra. I did not know that this is an option. "

"Also nice: the handy numerical overview that I received afterwards. This way you can see exactly whether you will have enough money in reserve, or whether you need to take (extra) measures."

Do you also want to discuss your (financial) wish without obligation

with an advisor


Talk to an advisor and gain insight into your finances in 20 minutes.

Can you tell us something about the measures you have taken so far to take early retirement?

"For years I have neatly saved all profit in my holding BV. This is our largest pension provision. With the sale of my operating company BV, my husband and I want to go on vacation and continue to do fun things."

"What also helps: frugal living. We usually do our shopping at a budget supermarket. And since my husband is quite handy, he takes care of most of the odd jobs in and around the house himself. Despite nearly 20 years of high mortgage payments, we have a lot of savings aside. Apart from the pension that we have built up together over the years. "

Finally time for the fun things?

"That's the intention. In fact, my husband has already started. He unexpectedly lost his job recently because of the corona crisis, but that is not a disaster now. Since the fixed-rate period of our mortgage ended, we have taken out an interest-only mortgage."

"This has significantly reduced our monthly costs, so that we can continue as we are used to. My husband therefore sees his dismissal as an even earlier pension. Moreover, it gives us more room to do what we want, such as sailing longer in the summer. . "

More insight into your financial matters

Do you also want more insight into your financial affairs for now and in the future?

Talk to one of Aegon's (independent) advisers.

They are happy to help you think ahead financially.

So that you can make smart choices now for later.

You can of course also go through the online tool FinSnap yourself, which gives you insight into your financial picture for now and for later.

Visit the Aegon website for more information.