At around 11:08 pm on the 13th, there were earthquakes in Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures that observed shaking with a seismic intensity of 6 or higher.

There may be some sea level fluctuations along the coast of Japan due to this earthquake, but there is no concern about tsunami damage.

The seismic intensity of each area is

▽ The seismic intensity 6 upper is Zao Town in Miyagi Prefecture, Soma City in Fukushima Prefecture, Kunimi Town, and Shinchi Town.

▽ Seismic intensity 6 lower is Ishimaki City, Iwanuma City, Tomai City, Kawasaki Town, Watari Town, Yamamoto Town, Fukushima City, Koriyama City, Sugagawa City, Minamisoma City, Date City, Motomiya City, Kuwaori Towns, Kawamata Town, Tenei Village, Hirono Town, Naraha Town, Kawauchi Village, Okuma Town, Futaba Town, Namie Town.

In addition, we have observed shaking with a seismic intensity of 3 or higher in a wide range from Hokkaido to Aichi Prefecture.

According to the observations of the Japan Meteorological Agency, the epicenter is off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture, the depth of the epicenter is 60 km, and the magnitude indicating the magnitude of the earthquake is estimated to be 7.1.

Areas with seismic intensity 4 or higher

Currently, the areas where seismic intensity 4 or higher is observed are as follows.

▼ Seismic intensity 6 upper is southern Miyagi prefecture, Nakadori, Fukushima prefecture, Hamadori, Fukushima prefecture.

▼ Seismic intensity 6 lower is in northern Miyagi prefecture and central Miyagi prefecture.

▼ Seismic intensity 5 upper is Aizu, Fukushima prefecture, northern Tochigi prefecture, southern Tochigi prefecture.

▼ Seismic intensity 5 lower is northern Iwate prefecture, southern Iwate prefecture, Murayama region, Yamagata prefecture, Okitama region, Yamagata prefecture, northern Ibaraki prefecture, southern Ibaraki prefecture, northern Saitama prefecture.

▼ Seismic intensity 4 is Sanpachijokita in Aomori prefecture, northern coast of Iwate prefecture, southern coast of Iwate prefecture, northern coast of Akita prefecture, southern coast of Akita prefecture, southern inland of Akita prefecture, Shonai region of Yamagata prefecture, top region of Yamagata prefecture, northern part of Gunma prefecture. , Southern Gunma prefecture, Southern Saitama prefecture, Northeastern Chiba prefecture, Northwestern Chiba prefecture, Southern Chiba prefecture, 23 wards of Tokyo, Eastern Tokyo Tama, Eastern Kanagawa prefecture, Western Kanagawa prefecture, Joetsu region of Niigata prefecture, Chuetsu region of Niigata prefecture, Niigata Shimoetsu region, central and western Yamanashi prefecture, eastern Yamanashi Fuji Goko, eastern Shizuoka prefecture.

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