Bargain hunters have benefited from great discounts on products on Black Friday.

But which products were actually the most popular during this edition and how do you also shop your Christmas gifts for a nice, fair price?

The independent comparison site and review platform already saw that Black Friday is popular on the Friday prior to Black Friday.

Traffic on the platform increased by 80 percent.

These consumers seemed to wait until Black Friday to make a purchase.

"And that waiting paid off, because on Black Friday we saw that there were 30 percent more offers online than in the days leading up to Black Friday," said Wendy Kuiper, Consumer Strategy Manager Reshift.

Striking newcomers

While televisions, smartphones and laptops were also popular last year on Black Friday, this edition there were a few striking newcomers in the top ten of most visited product groups on

"People work at home en masse and life takes place indoors. Products such as espresso machines, sound bars and wireless speakers are much more popular this year on Black Friday than last year. After all, we drink the coffee at home instead of at work and we watch more television. and listen more music, "said Kuiper.

Popular by corona

Products such as fever thermometers and air purifiers were also searched for significantly more than in previous years during Black Friday.

In addition, you also saw an increase in searches for digital cameras and photographic lenses, keyboards, exercise bikes, bread makers and e-readers.

Kuiper: "Here too, the influence of corona is clearly noticeable. The thermometers product group, for example, did not appear in the most popular searches before the corona outbreak, but now it does. The same applies to exercise bikes and bread baking machines. and there is little to do outside the home, more is read and this is reflected in the popularity of the e-reader. "

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