One year from Typhoon No. 15 A dramatic decrease in hot spring guests Corona also affected


Typhoon No.15, which suffered enormous damage mainly in Chiba Prefecture last September, lasted 9 days.

In the hot spring inn located in Kamogawa, which affected the open-air bath is broken, the prospect of full-scale renovation is not yet standing, guests have been in dire straits greatly reduced.

The Meiji founded hot spring inn in Tianjin, Kamogawa City was blown off by the typhoon No. 15 last September when the pillars, walls and roof of the open-air bath overlooking the sea were blown away, and about 30 windows were damaged.

Then, open-air bath can only emergency repairs, the prospect of full-scale renovation because it has become a material shortage due to the influence of the new corona virus since the beginning of the year is not still standing.

In addition, the number of guests decreased significantly due to the influence of the new coronavirus, which forced us to close from April to May, and the number of guests since the reopening of business in June was only about 20% of the usual year, I am in a difficult situation.

However, there are some signs that guests will recover after the national tourism campaign "Go To Travel" started.

Makio Kiritani, president of Hourai Ryokan, said, "It was a year of suffering and trials due to the effects of typhoon No. 15 and the new coronavirus. We will do our best to attract tourists to Chiba prefecture. I want to do it."