25 years since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake Elementary school students on Awaji Island experienced evacuation shelters January 17 14:59

Based on the lessons learned from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, children at an elementary school in Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture experienced evacuation shelter and raised their awareness of disaster preparedness.

The experience of living in an evacuation center was held at the gymnasium at Nishidanshichi Elementary School on Awaji Island, and about 100 people, including children and residents, participated.

At the beginning, silence was offered in mourning for those who died in the earthquake.

After this, the children from the city staff, who acted as instructors, talked about evacuation shelters in the gymnasium, such as the fact that if they were bare feet in the winter, their body would cool down, and if they were to sleep on the floor, they would easily absorb dust and get sick. I learned.

I also tried making slippers using newspapers and simple beds made of cardboard, and learned the wisdom and ideas to spend a little more comfort.

A fifth grade boy said, “I could easily make a cardboard bed and it was nice to go to bed. "

Mr. Yasushi Matsumoto, a senior teacher at Nishidan Shichi Elementary School, said, "I want children who have not experienced the disaster to be prepared for the disaster by feeling real."