3 times damaged by typhoon "Tateyama Family Park" To resume on 8th Chiba November 6 12:45


A tourist facility in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, which had been postponed to postponement of its resumption of business every time after the typhoons and heavy rains that hit Chiba Prefecture in succession since September, has finally resumed on the 8th. Decisions and preparations are being made.

“Tateyama Family Park” in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture is a tourist facility where you can enjoy picking flowers every season, and Typhoon No. 15 in September caused great damage to buildings and flower gardens.

The facility aimed at reopening after improving the flower gardens, but after that it was forced to give up because the typhoon 19 and heavy rain caused damage to the replanted flowers.

Under such circumstances, since the weather is also recovering, it was finally decided to reopen on the 8th of this month. On the 6th, about 4000 new flowers were planted by employees and junior high school students who visited the workplace. Or repairing the featured sand art statue.

Mr. Motoki Hasegawa, Deputy Manager of Tateyama Family Park (37) said, “I have been working with all the staff, but I am happy to finally be able to resume. I hope everyone will come to play.” .