Turning the thermostat one degree higher on a cold fall day can make it a lot more pleasant at home. The only drawback is that the energy bill also goes up immediately. Especially if you, like many other Dutch people, sometimes let the thermostat roar unnecessarily.

A study by comparison site Kieskeurig.nl shows that 68 percent of people with a clock thermostat sometimes forget to turn it off. With 34 percent this happens when they go to bed, with 19 percent when they go to work and with 15 percent when they go shopping.

A pity, because lowering your thermostat can save hundreds of euros per year on your energy bill, according to the Milieu Centraal information organization. In addition, it is of course also good for the environment, because you use less gas.

Save 22 percent

"If you often forget to lower your heating, a smart thermostat may be a handy solution," says Marlon Mintjes of Milieu Centraal. This thermostat teaches itself when you leave the house to go to work and what time you go to bed every day. He then ensures that the heating in the living room is one step lower. "This is especially useful if you have a fixed rhythm. If you are home irregularly more often, then a thermostat that you can operate with your smartphone is handy. So you can already switch on the heating remotely if you know that you will be home in an hour are. "

Of course it is better for the environment not to heat your house when you are away, but also for your wallet. You can save a lot with it. "A smart thermostat can save someone who is not yet consciously energy efficient, up to 22 percent savings on his energy bill," Mintjes explains.

Nest Learning Thermostat

A good example of a smart thermostat with multiple useful functions is the Google Nest Learning Thermostat. This learns quickly when it can be warmer in your house and when not. When you leave the house, it automatically switches to the Eco mode, which you can set to 15 degrees in advance. That way you will never forget to lower your heating.

In addition, you can operate the Nest Learning Thermostat with your smartphone, or even with a voice command via smart speakers such as the Google Nest Hub.

Would you like to know more about smart thermostats and other smart home products that make your home more efficient and user-friendly? Look at Kieskeurig.nl.