Two weeks after the Typhoon No. 19 disaster 70% of the dead are over 60 years old October 26, 18:21

26 days from the heavy rain disaster of Typhoon No. 19 is 2 weeks. According to the NHK summary, there have been 88 people who have died so far, accounting for approximately 70% of those over their 60s. There are many elderly people, and the situation of evacuation and support is being asked again.

According to NHK's compilation through various broadcasting stations, there were 88 people who died in Typhoon No. 19 at 5:00 pm on the 26th, and 7 people are still missing.

There were 30 deaths in Fukushima, 19 in Miyagi, 14 in Kanagawa, 4 in Tochigi, Gunma and Nagano, 3 in Saitama and Shizuoka, 3 in Iwate and Ibaraki, respectively. There are 2 people in each prefecture, and 1 person each in Tokyo, Chiba and Hyogo.

In addition, 7 people are missing in 5 prefectures including Kanagawa prefecture.

The sexes of those who died are 58 for men and 30 for women, almost twice as many as men.

At the present time, 86 people have a known age and age group, of which 59 are over 60, accounting for about 70% of all who died.

Specifically, there were 18 people in their 60s, 20 people in their 70s, 13 people in their 80s, and 8 people in their 90s and over, accounting for nearly half of the entire 70s and over.

Many elderly people are killed each time floods occur, such as last year's heavy rain in western Japan. Even in the event of a heavy rain disaster caused by this typhoon, the situation for the evacuation and support of elderly people is being questioned anew.