Many Dutch people want to contribute to a better world, but how do you do that? Sam van Tol, a young entrepreneur, decided to help with his social enterprise.

Separating waste, eating less meat, driving an electric car, picking up voluntary work: there are many ways to contribute to a better world.

If you want to make an impact as quickly as possible, you can also choose to do business responsibly. Sam van Tol, a young entrepreneur, likes to contribute to a better world and therefore decided in 2014 to set up the social enterprise Correctbook. Correctbook produces erasable notebooks and is committed to combating illiteracy.

Ask for pen and paper

The idea for Correctbook originated in South Africa where Sam was surprised about the demand from children for pen and paper. The children did not ask about food or clothing, but they wanted to develop themselves by learning to read and write.

Unfortunately, the materials for this were missing. Writing material that lasts forever is the solution, Sam decided.

Prevent paper waste

Nowadays, Correctbook's erasable notebooks are sold in European countries to prevent paper waste and part of the turnover is used to donate the same erasable writing material in developing countries.

Correctbook wants to provide 1 million children with a Correctbook by 2023 and has already provided 24,650 children with a writing set. In addition, a lot of paper has already been saved because more than 750 companies have already decided to use Correctbook for business.

Make the difference too

Contributing to a better world yourself can be very simple. Buy your Correctbook today at so you never have to buy a paper notebook again. With the proceeds from your product, Correctbook ensures that one child can write on erasable material for three months. Order business? Request a quote here.