Kawasaki City Citizen Museum 260,000 warehouses including pre-war comics are flooded October 19th 15:18

In the complex of Kawasaki City's museums and art galleries that have been flooded and closed due to the impact of Typhoon No. 19, all nine storages containing approximately 260,000 precious paintings and pre-war comic books are flooded. I understood that.

Due to Typhoon No. 19, Kawasaki City was flooded by at least 1685 buildings in Nakahara Ward and Takatsu Ward, and public facilities were also damaged.

Among these, the Kawasaki City Museum, a complex of museums and art galleries, has been shut down due to flooding of underground electrical equipment and other facilities, and drainage work by pump cars continues.

There is also a storage in the basement where about 260,000 items such as precious paintings, pre-war comic books and old documents are stored. I found that all the storage was flooded.

In front of the approach of the typhoon, it is said that a sandbag was piled in front of the basement door, but because there was a place flooded to about 2 meters in height from the floor, the door of the storage was broken or shelf It seems that most of the items in the collection have been submerged in water.

In the future, the city will ask for assistance from the Agency for Cultural Affairs, such as dispatching experts, and consider countermeasures.
Mr. Ken Nagaishi, Director of Kawasaki City Citizen's Culture Promotion Office, said, “The inside is dark and details are not confirmed, but we are not optimistic. .