Miyagi Prefecture Governor Murai Visit Marumori Town Consider providing disaster public housing October 16th 11:59

Governor Murai in Miyagi Prefecture visited Marumori Town, which had been severely damaged by Typhoon No. 19, and expects to provide vacant rooms for disaster public housing that was prepared in the Great East Japan Earthquake because the evacuation life is expected to be prolonged. Showed the idea to do.

Governor Murai visited the affected areas affected by the typhoon. Among them, in Marumori Town, we walked along the tributary of the flooded Abukuma River with the person in charge of the prefecture while looking at the pictures at the time of the disaster. I confirmed whether it expanded to.

At the town hall, I met with Mayor Hoshinago, Mayor of Marumori Town, and was informed about the current state of flood damage in the town.

In this, Governor Murai said, “What the victims need will change over time. If there is something necessary, I would like the prefecture to request it. Tell the company to hurry. "

After the meeting, Governor Murai said, “I was really surprised to see the disaster site. The full recovery still takes time, but I would like to accelerate cooperation with related organizations so that I can live a minimum.” As the disaster victims are expected to prolong their evacuation life, they expressed the idea of ​​considering the availability of vacant rooms for disaster public housing that was established in the Great East Japan Earthquake.