A wind gust estimated to be a tornado in Chiba Ichihara

On the 12th of this month, as Typhoon No. 19 approached, the Choshi Regional Meteorological Observatory announced a survey result that the wind speed was estimated to be 55 meters for a gust of wind that seems to have damaged many houses in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture. did.

On the morning of this month when Typhoon No. 19 was approaching, there were gusts of wind in the Nagayoshi and Shimono districts of Ichihara City, one person died, and the surrounding houses were severely damaged, causing damage to about 90 buildings. It was.

The Choshi Regional Meteorological Observatory has so far announced that the gust of wind is estimated to be a tornado, but in subsequent analysis, the wind speed of the gust was estimated to be 55 meters. In “Scale”, we announced that it corresponds to “JEF2”, which is the fourth strength among 6 levels.

The gust of “JEF2” is the strength that causes damage such as the roof of a wooden house being broken and being blown off, or a large car rolling over, and the weather station was judged based on the situation of damage at the site, such as the collapse of a house That is.