Fukushima Iwaki Disaster prevention administrative radio is not inland.

In Typhoon No. 19, in the inland area of ​​Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, four elderly people died at home due to river flooding. In this situation, the city will consider a well-known approach in the future, as there was a problem in how to convey information because the disaster prevention radio system calling for evacuation was not established in the inland area.

In Iwaki City, 7 people died due to the influence of Typhoon No. 19. Of these, in Hiraishita-Hiraikubo, the inland area flooded the nearby Natsui River, and 4 people aged 86 to 100 died at home.

At this time, in Iwaki City, information on evacuation preparations was issued at 10 am on the 12th of this month before the river suddenly increased. It was not maintained.

At the same time, we called for evacuation with disaster prevention emails that send information to the registered people's mobile phone and area emails that reach people in the target area even if they are not registered. There were also people.

After that, when the situation was imminent and the city issued an evacuation order, it was requested to the fire brigade to call for evacuation directly.

About such circumstances, city said that there was problem in how to convey information and decided to consider well-known way in future.