Damage of Typhoon No.19 Overseas media greatly conveys October 13th 20:52

Overseas media has also reported a great deal about Typhoon No. 19 that has caused major damage in various places.

The British public broadcast BBC repeatedly broadcasts images of houses flooded extensively due to the collapse of the Chikuma River embankment flowing through Nagano Prefecture, and images of vehicles on the Hokuriku Shinkansen that were in water. We report damage greatly.

In addition, the electronic version of CNN TV in the United States said that “there were no people in the place where there are many people and that the capital of Japan was blocked” I told him that it was more expensive than ever.

However, regarding the fact that several matches of the Rugby World Cup were canceled due to the influence of the typhoon, "There are many criticisms that it is not possible to rematch despite being held in the typhoon season." I tell you.

On the other hand, on the SNS, many messages of encouragement are received from overseas. Among them, on Twitter, there are a series of encouragement posts, such as “#PlayForJapan” (“Pray to Japan”) and “Please keep Japanese people safe”.

Among them, Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines, who achieved the sixth-class conquest of professional boxing in history, has sent a message, "I am thinking and praying for you all in Japan."