The ruling and opposition governments help save lives and support disaster areas NHK “Sunday Discussion” Oct. 13 12:46

In response to the damage of Typhoon No.19, NHK's “Sunday Discussion” prompted both the ruling and opposition parties to make every effort to save lives and provide financial support to the affected areas.

Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Kishida, “We must first have the government respond to search and rescue with the highest priority on human life. It is absolutely impossible for the disaster-stricken area to respond to financial instability. Therefore, the government must carefully consider financial support so that it can respond drastically locally, and it must also tackle issues such as strengthening the power grid and flood control. ”

“We would like to do our best so that we can be designated as a catastrophic disaster and put all our efforts into recovery and reconstruction. We will also expedite the contingency expenses and provide a special tax to the affected local government. It ’s important to put a message ahead of time so you do n’t have to worry. ”

“The government should give the local government the sign“ Don't worry about financial resources ”as soon as possible. The damage caused by such natural disasters is one of the most important things. It is not easy, and it may be necessary to fundamentally review the way to support private property. "

According to the National Democratic Party's chairman of the government, Izumi, “Depending on the extent of the damage, you should consider making a supplementary budget plan. When rebuilding your life, a 10% consumption tax rate will be imposed on household goods and cars. "We need to think about a framework for the victims to find out what they can do."

“As for Typhoon No. 15, we could not gather information on where the power outage occurred. The important issue is how to secure the information infrastructure and power supply including the Internet and mobile phones. "Said.

Communist Party chairman Kasai said, “We should solve the problem of evacuation shelters, such as whether hot meals are being provided to those who have been evacuated. You should also consider the review. ”