Fukushima Iwaki instructed to evacuate the whole area It was difficult to accept at 13 evacuation centers October 13th 2:46

In Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, where evacuation instructions are issued throughout the city, many people evacuate to evacuation centers. The city has set up 54 shelters, but 13 of these have become difficult to accept and are leading to other shelters.

Iwaki City issued evacuation instructions to 143,699 households and 340,205 people throughout the city at 10 pm on the 12th, and established evacuation centers in 54 locations in the city.

According to the city, a total of 6,968 people have been evacuated to the evacuation center as of 1 am, but 13 of these evacuation centers are full, making it difficult to accept.

The evacuation centers that have stopped accepting ▽ Hira first elementary school gymnasium, Hira second junior high school gymnasium, Akai junior high school gymnasium, Chuodai public hall, Iino public hall, Hira technical high school camp / gymnasium, Fujima junior high school, Hiraichi Junior high school gymnasium,
▽ Tamagawa Junior High School Gymnasium in Onahama District ▽ Ueda Elementary School Gymnasium in Nakoso District,
▽ Takasaka Elementary School Gymnasium in Uchigo District, Uchigo Daiichi Junior High School Gymnasium,
▽ This is the Houma Junior High School Budokan in the Houma area.

The person in charge of Iwaki City says, “There are people who have been evacuated. We are sorry, but we are telling you to go to other shelters.”