Parents want their children to read. Because in addition to the fact that reading can be fun and relaxing, it has many other benefits.

1. Concentration
According to neuroscientist Susan Greenfield, reading extends the attention span. If children read regularly, they can concentrate better.

2. Fantasy
Reading gives a glimpse into another world and stimulates the imagination and imagination of children. This promotes their curiosity and thinking.

3. Social development
Each story contains emotions, fantasy, roles and the possibility of identification. By reading, children discover multiple sides of a story and they learn to empathize with other people's feelings and thoughts. This has a positive effect on social development and dealing with others.

4. Language development
While reading, children increase their vocabulary and learn a lot in the areas of writing, grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. In short, it is good for the overall language development and the child benefits again at school.

5. Career
Skilled readers find a job even more easily, earn more salary and more often have successful careers, according to research by The National Endowment for the Arts.

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