Distribution of sandbags in preparation for inundation by typhoon Chiba Oct. 10 15:42

To prepare for Typhoon No. 19, which is expected to approach East Japan this weekend, Chiba City distributes sandbags used for flooding countermeasures at ward offices and is visited by many residents.

Typhoon No. 19 is expected to approach East Japan with a storm zone this weekend.

Under these circumstances, in order to prevent flooding caused by typhoons and the damage caused by the blue sheet, Chiba City distributes sandbags to residents at the sandbag stations set up in 58 locations such as ward offices and civil engineering offices. .

Many residents visited the Wakaba Ward Office in Chiba City and loaded sandbags into their cars.

A man in his 30s living in the city said, “I came to see the homepage. The outdoor unit of the air conditioner collapsed in the last typhoon, so I want to pack it down and prevent it from falling down.” It was.

A man working at a poultry farm in the city said, “Typhoon 15 caused a power outage and a bird died. I would like to use a clay pad to prevent the blue sheet on the roof of the chicken house from flying.” It was.

“I want you to use sandbags to prevent inundation and the prevention of splashing of blue sheets. The sun has been shallower since the last typhoon and additional damage. , So I ’d like you to prepare early and early. ”