Chiba Tateyama calls for evacuation to citizens early October 14 at 14:55 due to the approaching typhoon

In preparation for Typhoon No. 19, Tateyama City, Chiba, plans to open 12 shelters in the city at 3 pm on the 11th, calling on citizens to evacuate early.

The shelter is opened
▽ Funagata district public hall,
▽ Nako district public hall,
▽ Tateyama City Community Center,
▽ Tateyama Elementary School,
▽ Toyotsu Hall,
▽ Nishimisaki Community Hall,
▽ Former Kobe Elementary School,
▽ Bonan Gakuen,
▽ Toyobo district public hall,
▽ Kamiyo Elementary School,
▽ Tateno Community Center,
▽ Kuju district public hall.

As for the Tomizaki area in Tateyama City, the Tomisaki community center that was used as an evacuation center was damaged by the typhoon No. 15 last month and was not repaired. That is.

The city is considering taking a bus to the evacuation center for the elderly and people with disabilities in the Tomisaki area.

In addition, the city calls for food and water for several days to evacuate because there is a risk of running out of food and water stored in evacuation centers.

In addition, we are calling for the advance preparation of flashlights and batteries in preparation for power outages.

In Tateyama City, we plan to put a net to prevent scattering of garbage in the temporary storage area on the 11th, so that a large amount of disaster garbage from houses etc. will not be blown off due to the strong wind of Typhoon No.19. Is also to cancel once.