Typhoon No.15 Roof restoration progresses but may be prolonged Chiba Tateyama September 26, 16:49

In Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, where damage to the roof tiles of houses has been damaged by Typhoon No. 15, roof repair work by tilers is proceeding at a rapid pace. However, there is a risk that the restoration work will be prolonged due to the inundation of requests from residents and the inability to respond to everything.

Due to Typhoon No. 15, damage has been confirmed in Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture, such as roof tiles being blown and window glass broken in at least about 1300 houses by 11:00 am on the 26th.

Of these, in the Aihama area along the sea in Tateyama City, where damage to houses continued, local roof tile repairers began repairing roofs this week.

On the 26th, the craftsman removed the blue sheet hung on the roof, removed the broken tiles, checked the condition of the foundation, laid new tiles and fixed them with nails.

Miyoshi Saito who repaired the roof tiles said, “I was in trouble because part of the roof was broken and the entrance was leaking. I was really happy because I didn't expect it to be repaired so quickly.” It was.

To date, the district's only roof tile repairer has received approximately 300 repair requests, and two craftsmen are working on it.

However, it takes time to repair the roof tiles and only about two houses can be handled in one day. This contractor wants to return the holiday and repair it, but also feels that the repair work may be prolonged.

Mr. Kanjiro Nagata of “Osada Tile Shop” said, “After the typhoon, a blue sheet was put on the house, and it was necessary to go up to the roof and remove all the sheets to check the condition of the tile, and it took more time than usual I want to repair it as soon as possible, but it will be difficult until the end of the year to finish everything, ”he says.