Chiba Otaki Town September 23 14:20

Even though the inn in Otaki-cho in southern Chiba Prefecture, damaged by Typhoon No. 15, has been reopened, cancellations have been made one after another due to damage caused by typhoons.

The ryokan in Yoro Valley, famous for its autumn leaves in Otaki-cho, Chiba Prefecture, resumed operations on the 14th of this month, the day after the power failure caused by Typhoon # 15 was resolved.

However, because there was a fallen tree near the Tomata waterfall close to the inn, there were many voices saying that it was annoying from the customers who had made reservations and enjoying it in the damaged place, 23rd It means that there were about 10 cancellations.

Mr. Sachiko Kimura, the inn of the ryokan, told the reservation customers that they can stay on schedule.

Mr. Kimura said, “Normally, consecutive holidays are full, but there are vacancies in these three consecutive holidays, and customers feel that they are far away. I want you to cheer up Chiba. "