Nowadays, children come into contact with news more often than in the past. Yet there are few places online where the news is made especially for them. That is why is introducing NUjunior and checkNU: news brands especially for children and young people.

NUjunior for children from 7 to 12 years

NUjunior is a separate website, made by the people behind, but with its own team of editors. It is especially for children aged seven to twelve, who are in primary school and are curious about what is happening in the world.

“We reach over 100,000 children in this age category every month. However, the language and image use on is not suitable for children. ”Gert-Jaap Hoekman, editor-in-chief of

NUjunior is fully equipped to allow children to get in touch with the news in an accessible way and to offer them the opportunity to talk about current events. This is done with the use of images, comics, videos and messages in clear language. In addition, children meet with a visit to Dot. Dot is the mascot of NUjunior.

NUjunior brings, just like, both hard and soft news. The new website, together with the work of the editors, also wants to use children's input when creating news. Children simply know what they want.

checkNU for high school students

In addition to NUjunior, is introducing checkNU: an Instagram channel specifically aimed at high school students. The Instagram account offers news that is relevant, accessible and understandable for this target group.

CheckNU translates the news from on Instagram. Followers of the channel influence the reporting: young reporters are asked to make an active contribution by making their own videos.

"News is also very important for secondary school students," says editor-in-chief Hoekman. "Topics such as the basic grant, teacher strikes and youth care are very relevant to them. Nevertheless, so far almost all of this has been written for adults. is changing this with the launch of the NUjunior and checkNU news brands."

Curious? Visit or take a look at checkNU.