Typhoon damage to special peanuts Chiba Yachimata September 17 15:51

In Typhoon No.15, there is a series of damages caused by the fall of specialty peanuts in Yachimata City, Chiba Prefecture, and there is a risk that some farmers may fall in production by half.

Peanuts produced in Chiba account for more than 70% of the nation, and Yachimata City is particularly popular in the prefecture.

Farmer Yoshio Shigeta's 80 aerial field was damaged by the strong typhoon that killed peanuts that were about to be harvested. Some of the soil was exposed and exposed, and in about a week the fruit changed color and the product value was lost.

Mr. Shigeta was forced to clean up his home and fields after the typhoon, so he was unable to start work such as backfilling the peanuts. The fact is that there was a lot of rain in summer and the damage of typhoon added, so there is a risk that production will drop to about half of normal.

Mr. Shigeta said, “I was surprised to see the field after the typhoon. I have been making peanuts for about 40 years, but this is the first time so far.”

According to Chiba Prefecture, damage to peanuts has risen to over 100 million yen as of the 12th of this month, and the prefecture is proceeding with confirmation that it will increase further.