Power outage Chiba Impact on courier service September 15 11:49

The power outage caused by Typhoon 15 continues to affect courier services in Chiba Prefecture.

▽ Yamato Transport is a refrigerator that is called "Cool Takkyubin" in many areas of Chiba Prefecture, including Chiba City, Ichihara City, Kamogawa City, Kisarazu City, etc. And new storage of frozen luggage.
In Funabashi City, Ichikawa City, etc., it is usually handled.

▽ Sagawa Express has also canceled new storage of refrigerated and frozen luggage called "Hikyaku Cool Flight" in the southern areas of Chiba Prefecture, such as Kamogawa City and Tateyama City.

According to these companies, delivery of packages that can be managed at room temperature is also delayed in areas where power is out. Roads are congested due to traffic lights stopping, etc., and logistics bases and sales offices operate only the minimum equipment using emergency generators, which means that work is delayed. .

▽ Japan Post accepts new custody of “chilled Yu-pack” that carries refrigerated and frozen packages, but some deliveries are still delayed, including packages that can be managed at room temperature.