Chiba Prefecture “Isolated” Area Safety Confirmation Difficulty September 13 18:16

Due to the typhoon, in addition to power outages and water outages in Chiba Prefecture, mobile phones can no longer be used, making it difficult to understand the damage situation. Some of these areas are “isolated” due to fallen trees, etc., and the challenge is how to promote safety confirmation and support for the elderly.

In Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture, where there is a power outage in a wide area, mobile phones continue to be unavailable in some areas as of 13th. According to the Eastern Regional Comprehensive Support Center in Kimitsu City, 5 days after the power outage It means that there are many elderly people who cannot confirm their safety even if they see it.

Under these circumstances, the Center headed for the Kiyowa district, the safety of the majority of the elderly in the district, on the 13th.

In addition to power outages and water outages, the Kiyowa district is no longer connected to a mobile phone, and the road to the district is closed by a fallen tree caused by a typhoon, so it takes more than an hour to reach by car. It took.

When the center staff entered the district, they visited the elderly's homes one by one to check their safety and physical condition and to explain how to handle the excrement during a water outage.

In the district, it is difficult for elderly people living alone who have no means of transportation such as cars to procure food, and since mobile phones cannot be used, relatives and acquaintances are not required to support them. At the same time, the center staff distributed alpha rice for disaster and water from plastic bottles as immediate food.

A man in his 80's living alone said, “If you give up anxiety, you can't do anything, and everything is anxious. Because of a power outage, you can't flush the toilet, and you can't use the refrigerator. It was.

Mr. Hayashi, from the Kimitsu City Eastern Regional Comprehensive Support Center, said, “Since the phone is not connected, we are visiting directly to check the safety, but the roads are also broken, so we can not check every corner. There are many people who are difficult to procure food, or are in trouble because of power outages and water outages, and some people have already been ill and hospitalized, so I will be more worried if they will be prolonged in the future. It was.