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Large-scale blackout in 20 days depending on the region | NHK News


TEPCO can almost recover from power outages in Chiba Prefecture due to Typhoon No. 15 in Chiba City and Ichihara City by 16th of this month…

Chiba Large-scale blackout 20 days depending on the region September 14th 5:39

TEPCO expects that blackouts in Chiba due to Typhoon No. 15 will be able to recover by 16th of this month in Chiba City and Ichihara City, while Tateyama City and Kamogawa City have extensive coverage. As a result of the damage, we have revealed that the general recovery will take until 27th this month. In some regions, power outages lasted for 20 days, and TEPCO Power Grid President Yasunori Kaneko expressed his apologies at the press conference on the night of 13th, “I am very sorry as the person in charge.”

According to TEPCO, the power outage continues in Chiba Prefecture at about 163,800 units as of midnight on the 14th.

TEPCO held a press conference on the night of the 13th and gave three stages of recovery prospects in each region.

Of these, in Kamogawa City, Minamiboso City, Tateyama City, and Konancho, we have revealed that it is likely that the restoration will take until 27th this month.

In these areas, the facilities are extensively damaged, and it takes time to complete the construction. TEPCO is targeting about 50,000 units at 3 pm on the 13th. I will.

Subsequently, in 18 municipalities such as Kimitsu City and Futtsu City, it was revealed that the general restoration would take until the 20th of this month. Approximately 70,000 units are subject.

And in 15 cities and towns such as Ichihara City, Sodegaura City Sakura City, Narita City, such as Chiba City Midori Ward and Wakaba Ward, it is expected to recover almost until this month. Approximately 70,000 units are subject.

In some mountainous areas, there are areas that are further delayed.

In some areas, power outages will last for 20 days, and TEPCO Power Grid President Yasunori Kaneko said at a press conference, “Tokyo Electric Power will continue to send power to customers. “It ’s our mission to re-deliver. There may be a customer with a power outage that lasts for 20 days, and I ’m very sorry to be the head of the power transmission and distribution business.”

The person in charge said that the restoration was greatly delayed because the utility pole had collapsed on a scale that had never been experienced before.

TEPCO has a maximum of 16,000 people working on restoration work, including support from other power companies.

The estimated power pole damage is about 2000

In this typhoon No.15, it has become clear that facilities such as distribution lines and utility poles that send electricity to each household have been damaged in a wide range, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Is estimated to be about 2000.

This greatly exceeds the number of utility poles damaged by Typhoon No. 21, which hit the Kansai region last September, about 1300.

According to TEPCO, the average scale of typhoons so far often caused damage to the distribution lines of power poles due to fallen trees, etc. This means that there is a need for extensive repairs such as replacing the power pole.

Also, especially in mountainous areas, it is necessary to cut down fallen trees and remove branches tangled in the wires before reaching the site, so the work is greatly delayed.

TEPCO explains that it is unusual for a utility pole to fall in such a wide area, and the damage to equipment beyond expectations is a cause of prolonged power outages.

Increasing the number of dispatched power vehicles

Because the outage due to Typhoon 15 is expected to be prolonged, METI will increase the number of power supply vehicles dispatched to Chiba Prefecture by about 20 by cooperating with TEPCO.

This means that power is supplied preferentially to water and sewage systems, shelters, and nursing homes.

The company also strives to secure local power sources by supplying fuel to hospitals that produce private power.

Some convenience stores are not open in some areas, so we will distribute food such as rice balls and cup ramen.

In addition, to prepare for the cold in houses and shelters where electricity cannot be used, we will also prepare heating facilities and blankets to support the lives of victims.

Governor Chiba Morita "extremely regrettable"

Governor Kensaku Morita of Chiba Prefecture commented, “It is extremely regrettable that the power outage period was far beyond expectations. The affected citizens have already reached their limits and are very worried about their health. However, we will work on support by raising the stage further, such as preparing public housing. "

Source: nhk

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